David Ives
David Ives 2 saatler önce
Shaikh Sajiyabibi
Shaikh Sajiyabibi 11 saatler önce
aha cam bato
Ernest Bohnke
Ernest Bohnke 20 saatler önce
You put the smoke stakes upside down
TheAnimeist 20 saatler önce
Nice color match, considering you had to use paint from a can.
Richard Myers
Richard Myers 23 saatler önce
I felt like I was watching a horror movie with those black gloves lol
Charity Brown
Charity Brown Gün önce
Nice job
Nelson Mauro
Nelson Mauro Gün önce
Muito boa essa restauração de brinquedos!
Gabriel Otero
Gabriel Otero 2 gün önce
Hola muy lindo tengo uno de los mismos y quiero restaurarlo
Alexandre Bénard
Alexandre Bénard 2 gün önce
Rae Hart
Rae Hart 2 gün önce
But now you have no detail. I'd be more impressed if you can restore the coin to its true red color.
me gustba mas oxidADA
Roberto231973 3 gün önce
Very awesome restauration of an great piece of toy. There is never made an better puecd of toy like Tonka ,
Nayomi Rajapaksha
Nayomi Rajapaksha 3 gün önce
LetsGoGaming 3 gün önce
The kid who used to own that truck: (who is now old), “i want my toy back.”
Restoration Australia
Restoration Australia 3 gün önce
Looks great.
Restoration Australia
Restoration Australia 3 gün önce
Nicely done.
rmichaels 3 gün önce
Is that Andy Dufresne’s rock hammer?
Colton’s Game Time !!!!!!
Colton’s Game Time !!!!!! 3 gün önce
Where do you find replacement parts for theses, I have one I would like to restore with my son and I can’t seem to find them
Youtubowy Śmieszek
Youtubowy Śmieszek 4 gün önce
Thank you Shlad, very cool
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas 5 gün önce
So schön diese Restaurierung auch ist, beim Tiefziehen des Motorgrills (07:40) stimmt etwas nicht. Tiefziehen hat den Nachteil, dass die ursprüngliche Form nicht absolut identisch nachgebildet werden kann. Scharfe Kanten werden bei der tiefgezogenen Kopie immer weicher, runder. Das liegt in der Natur dieser Technik. Im Video wird die hauchdünne Plastik schwarz lackiert (08:34) und eine Szene später wird das Original von Tonka eingebaut (08:45). Das ist daran erkennbar, dass es nun wieder dicke Druckgussplastik ist, die exakte, scharfe Kanten hat. Die tiefgezogene Kopie mit handgemachter Lackierung würde niemals so ordentlich und industriell gefertigt aussehen. --------------- As nice as this restoration is, something is wrong with the deep-drawing of the engine grill (07:40). Deep drawing has the disadvantage that the original shape cannot be reproduced in an absolutely identical manner. Sharp edges become softer and rounder in the deep-drawn copy. That is in the nature of this technique. In the video, the wafer-thin plastic is painted black (08:34) and one scene later the original is installed by Tonka (08:45). This can be seen from the fact that it is now thick die-cast plastic again with exact, sharp edges. The deep-drawn copy with hand-made varnish would never look so neat and industrially manufactured.
Tim Toulson
Tim Toulson 5 gün önce
Brill, loved every minute
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Schmidt 5 gün önce
Cool! Amazing!
Jale Chávez
Jale Chávez 5 gün önce
Excelente..!!!...ji ji ji...my Friend....Saludosss
Nick Wilcox
Nick Wilcox 5 gün önce
Great work mine the colors! Rejuvenated plastic tires turned out fantastic.
Sebastian N Y C
Sebastian N Y C 6 gün önce
I have one mint condition
Restoration cave
Restoration cave 6 gün önce
Nice work👌👌👌👌
Steve Huffman
Steve Huffman 6 gün önce
that was "very rusty"? I've seen a lot of real trucks with more rust than that thing started with. A little surface rust on only part of the trailer and the axles isn't quote/unquote "very rusty".
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
Edwin Jackson
Edwin Jackson 7 gün önce
14:13 Day by day; Bit by bit.
Peg Pelvis Pete
Peg Pelvis Pete 7 gün önce
I liked how you cleaned the headlights too, seems no one ever does that.
dana smith
dana smith 7 gün önce
I had this toy as a kid, the only thing that can make it better is if you have the cars that came with it to complete the set, would love to see the restoration of the cars to go with it, great job thanks for sharing!!!
Egor 7 gün önce
Seats cleaning is obvious fake, wheels - idk but highly likely. Dislike.
Aiden Luu
Aiden Luu 7 gün önce
Exhaust is upside down
David Ross
David Ross 7 gün önce
You did a great job, but the wheels were not restored, Tonka trucks always had white letters on the wheels. Overall good job.
Tomasz Łuj
Tomasz Łuj 8 gün önce
Brian Chisnell
Brian Chisnell 8 gün önce
1965. Door said Hydraulic dump with a 65 logo sticker. All avail.
Restoration cave
Restoration cave 8 gün önce
Good work my friend but why you make new thin grill and why you cut tire shaft in half ?
Nick Wilcox
Nick Wilcox 8 gün önce
Great build and custom formed parts! So cool!
Kinan Kinan
Kinan Kinan 8 gün önce
MrSabro66 8 gün önce
Beau travail 👏
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 9 gün önce
I'll do the sandblasting for free!!
Anamika Priya
Anamika Priya 9 gün önce
Juan Jose Valenzuela Pineda
Juan Jose Valenzuela Pineda 9 gün önce
me gustan los toka quisiera tenerlos todos que bonitos saludos desde cajeme
Aldrin Euri
Aldrin Euri 9 gün önce
I have that right now
Justin Mcclanahan
Justin Mcclanahan 10 gün önce
That's a nice old truck
Jon Vincent
Jon Vincent 10 gün önce
Nice but why did you not fit the 'Caution Air Brakes' sticker on the rear, it was part of your decal kit.
50charley 10 gün önce
could have still powder coated the truck.
Joalla Westervelt
Joalla Westervelt 10 gün önce
Wow. Super restoration. Great job
Joalla Westervelt
Joalla Westervelt 10 gün önce
Great job on restore. Looks awesome
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 10 gün önce
thanks 😊
Mr Tio
Mr Tio 11 gün önce
Jaxson Belverud
Jaxson Belverud 11 gün önce
This is a 1970-1973 model
B A 11 gün önce
I swear GMC trucks start to rust half way down their assembly lines.
Ron White
Ron White 11 gün önce
Estaba en buen estado, no era necedario ese trabajo. ¡Jamás volverá a salir de fábrica con su pintura y sus piezas originales!
Ron White
Ron White 4 gün önce
@Jose Bonas Se nota que no es un coleccionista serio, cuando un coleccionable tiene el 90% de su pintura original y el 100% de sus piezas en muy buen estado NO se restaura a ese nivel, basta un tratamiento exhaustivo de limpieza.
Jose Bonas
Jose Bonas 6 gün önce
Se ve que nunca tu viste juguetes quien quiere algo con moo
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 10 gün önce
eso es por supuesto una cuestión de gustos 😉
Luis Angel Nazzi
Luis Angel Nazzi 11 gün önce
Debieron haber recuperado las tazas, no reemplazarlas por nuevas
GAME STAR 12 gün önce
Please make channel where you make cardboard creations
summer6u 12 gün önce
To make the wheels pop, spray some white spray paint on a piece of paper and press the wheels on the wet paint
isfj1009 13 gün önce
Very nice job!!
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 12 gün önce
thanks 👍😀
faarmer 13 gün önce
Ok dude, that vacuum-formed grill was a home run! Excellent job!
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 12 gün önce
thanks 😊
Terry Graham
Terry Graham 13 gün önce
I have 1976 Tonka 2truck
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 12 gün önce
Oha 😱🤩🤩 not bad
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell 13 gün önce
Why the decal change?
Kathy Botard
Kathy Botard 13 gün önce
You are the only toy restorer that bakes your paint on. Looks like it just came from the toy store
Cool Restorations
Cool Restorations 13 gün önce
The more Tonka Toys the better!!!👍🏻We both love to restore them 🎬🛠
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 12 gün önce
you're right 👍
Mike Stanley
Mike Stanley 14 gün önce
I had this one,the bulldozer,dumptruck and steam shovel when I was a kid.
Khaled Daas
Khaled Daas 14 gün önce
Adams Sanchez
Adams Sanchez 14 gün önce
Wow nice job
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce
thanks 😊
Levi D Bateman
Levi D Bateman 14 gün önce
Great job! Didn’t wanna use the kitchen oven?
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce
i don't think my mother would be too happy about it 😬😂😂
stijnVDA1994 14 gün önce
Here in the netherlands there are multiple of the same one but in blue and white...
stijnVDA1994 14 gün önce
I found shorly after in white with red
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce
Yes you are right. the car transporter was available in several colors. in blue, yellow, red, black 😊
Николай Дорошенко
Николай Дорошенко 14 gün önce
Очень круто! Люблю смотреть, как вещам дают вторую жизнь)👍
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce
thanks 👍😊
Jesper Hagström
Jesper Hagström 14 gün önce
I don't understand, did you make a new vacuumformed grill and then install the old one again anyway? Otherwise very nice restoration!
modelcitizen72 14 gün önce
Studio Pluche
Studio Pluche 14 gün önce
This carrier dates back to 1968. I remember seeing this in stores when I was a kid, and was impressed by the size of it. It came with three Jeep Wagoneers. This is superb restauration job!!
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce
You're right, it's a wonderful toy👍. nowadays you can't buy something like that anymore😭.
Lee Goldeneagle
Lee Goldeneagle 14 gün önce
Hello. I. Am. Lee. Watch. Chip. Seen. U. Very sweet 😊. Nice 👍. Work. Looking. Cool 😎. Lee
Aural Beets
Aural Beets 14 gün önce
My husband and I cheered when you nailed molding that windshield! By far the best one of those we’ve seen. Great restore!
Carlito Bastos
Carlito Bastos 15 gün önce
Олеся Кузняк
Олеся Кузняк 15 gün önce
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 14 gün önce