Angle Grinder Gold Rich 💎 Old - Rusty Restoration & Repair 🔧 Winkelschleifer

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MW Restoration

Yıl önce

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Hey guys,
it was 'bout time to make some new video. I wanted to make a unique and special gift. So I got to restore an old angle grinder lying around at home. To make it special I coated it in golden color. It's meant for decorating purposes only, though it retains it's full functionality.
About the angle grinder itself, it's being built in 1995 by AGE company. I tell you, it was really rusty and dirty. Really nasty.
Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for more in the future.

Edwin Jackson
Edwin Jackson 7 gün önce
14:13 Day by day; Bit by bit.
preium201unit Aylar önce
MW Restoration you are awesome 👌 👏 😎 🙌
Christian Noetzold
Christian Noetzold Aylar önce
Sorry but this can no looking what is Herr Restauration for me is this only cleaning and New paint.the important is no make New.i no can und erstand what this Video habe Herr to search
Grek Grek
Grek Grek 2 aylar önce
Вмикати інструмент після реставрації? А нахіба)
J. D. Large
J. D. Large 4 aylar önce
When did this happen, I musta missed the memo... Since when is grinder bling a thing? My tools don’t have time to look that pretty, they’re clean and serviceable and do what they’re supposed to. But gold ... not so much.
Billy Hernande Jr
Billy Hernande Jr 4 aylar önce
That gold & black looks bad ass
Ana Alex
Ana Alex 6 aylar önce
Great video, great job! Just ignore those haters...
OldIsGold Restoration
OldIsGold Restoration 6 aylar önce
Visit my channel 😍Please thanku
chyoukh Tv
chyoukh Tv 7 aylar önce
Is very goooooood
The Art Shit
The Art Shit 8 aylar önce
Good thing you were assembling on Day 3.
steve Kos
steve Kos 8 aylar önce
So even old grinders had a safety cover on them in case the blade would fly off. It makes you wonder what they were thinking when they made grinders that didn't have them.
Антон Воробьев
Антон Воробьев 8 aylar önce
Philip Benz
Philip Benz 8 aylar önce
People can be harsh sometimes. Don't let it get to your head. I appreciate your work.
PJO Eventtechnik
PJO Eventtechnik 8 aylar önce
Hey, ich sehe ja das du deutsch bist😌 Ich hätte Mal ein paar Fragen. In was hast du die dreckigen teile eingelegt? Stand irgendwas von Bauhaus drauf. Und, (Mal unter uns) läuft er?🤫😉
Ultimately_Everything 10 aylar önce
You should show these tools working after you restore them and people should leave him alone part of life is learning from your mistakes and getting better over time no one's perfect. The video is good content you gained a new subscriber.
johnny mad dog
johnny mad dog 10 aylar önce
leave the man the man alone he had fun and it would look good on the next star wars film
Doc Moore
Doc Moore 11 aylar önce
It is very important to NEVER reveal any of the products you use. If you did those of us who watch these videos to learn something might actually learn something. Never allow that to happen.
Sam J
Sam J Yıl önce
What the fuck you didn’t even do the wiring this isn’t even a restoration
Hunting Gamer
Hunting Gamer Yıl önce
Why you didn't use Send Blaster😐
KO KO Yıl önce
why that color! i think is ugly!!
Hiep Trinh
Hiep Trinh Yıl önce
Very good
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Yıl önce
A BANDIT firebird sticker would have made it better
Martin Centeno
Martin Centeno Yıl önce
Son chingones. Felicidades
Byron Taylor
Byron Taylor Yıl önce
Awesome color choice 2 of my few fav colors
Vick San
Vick San Yıl önce
I like verte mucho tour Jon. Can You Say what gold paint use for this work. Thanks
violentxsaintful Yıl önce
Not the best selection of colors.. Not gonna lie. Original ones would've been better. And you don't show the tool working... None the less good work man
Mohsin Rasul
Mohsin Rasul Yıl önce
pimp my tool
mathew bundi
mathew bundi Yıl önce
Thank you so much , for NOT parading each screw and bolt, twisting and turning in front of the camera ! Of course, we like to se broken and demolished parts. I am enjoying your video immensely ! I only seen this one, so far and hope there will be more.
Peter Gninuel
Peter Gninuel Yıl önce
Top!Absolute top!!!
Andis Karlsons
Andis Karlsons Yıl önce
Why you did not replace bearings and sand motor armature?
Gábor Batta
Gábor Batta Yıl önce
Conan Seibel
Conan Seibel Yıl önce
You know what would work well for getting that paint off, a grinder.🤦🏼‍♂️
Conan Seibel
Conan Seibel Yıl önce
I meant the original paint.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Gold is the best color. Looks tough 😁👍
orro zeta
orro zeta Yıl önce
Lavoro assolutamente approssimativo. Non sappiamo se funziona. Non sappiamo se i cuscinetti girano bene. Il colore dell'oro è assai pachiano, neanche fosse un gioiello! Gli allineamenti dei componenti sono del tutto inesistenti. Lavori proprio male. :(
aleks libert
aleks libert Yıl önce
Aziz Kay
Aziz Kay Yıl önce
its good but missing something
Ken Fosdick
Ken Fosdick Yıl önce
Can anyone tell me why he didn't fire it up after it was re-assembled? Please allow me to shed some light on the reason. If you will recall in the video, when he took the brush covers off they were spring loaded and even flew off as soon as he got the bolt out. However, when reinstalled they just fell in the slots and he had no problem placing the cover back on without holding it down. This means the brushes had no pressure to hold them to the armature. If the brushes do not touch the armature, there is no electrical connection hence,.. no power. There was NO possible way it was going to run. And now you know.. you're welcome.
danny3man Yıl önce
This is a paint job not a restoration.
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson Yıl önce
After watching all those very well done restorations by R&R (Rescue and Restore), here I find poorly done one. They don’t have the necessary tools to do the job right (for example a sand blaster, powder coating tools or a grinding wheel) so basically, they sand and use spray paint. iI’m not impressed. Watch R&R, save you money for a while and buy, rent or borrow the RIGHT tools! You just screwed up a perfectly good tool. You cleaned and painted it on the OUTSIDE and ignored all the wiring. You may as well as left it all together and spray painted it because you never showed us if it WORKS or not!!!
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson Yıl önce
AND it is UNSAFE if it does work!!! You didn’t connect the GROUND (green) wire!!!!
Marco Accardi
Marco Accardi Yıl önce
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
You did great, but there's a problem when you make it look so good... you don't want to use it and mess it up.
peteb2 Yıl önce
Seriously THIS IS NOT A RESTORATION. Please alter the title to "How to make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear". The powertool has seen seriously better days & is flogged out, anyone can see the massive amount of commutator wear that you made zero bother of at least re-facing with new brushes if this was a real restoration let alone checking the electrical insulation spec for the windings sets for bad current-leakage & new bearings.... In the end you built a Shelf Queen from an old decrepit tool which it remains. All that effort..... such a pity.
tim smith
tim smith Yıl önce
That's pretty dope bro, great job
Storm Khan
Storm Khan Yıl önce
One thing I've noticed with every power tool one cleans up the electrical components and wiring. The entire tool was torn down and every mechanical component is cleaned and polished or painted. When it comes to the electricals, old dirty wiring is left alone, dirt still covers the motor start capacitor, etc etc. The person was OCD enough to totally disassemble the thing to clean, why not go the extra step and clean the electrical parts too? Only takes a bit of household cleaning product and some paper wipes or a cotton bud.
Chanda Russell
Chanda Russell Yıl önce
What did you soak the pieces in?
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Yıl önce
Real nice job till you painted it gold. LOL each to his own
pistelli57 Yıl önce
No sticker back?
Klaus Heilmann
Klaus Heilmann Yıl önce
So.... it does not work...? Whats the point restoring it then????
Rob Est
Rob Est Yıl önce
Did you stick the sticker?
Suzi SaintJames
Suzi SaintJames Yıl önce
Nice paint job, but does it work? ❤🌅🌵
Christopher Rive
Christopher Rive Yıl önce
Made me cringe couldn’t watch till the end , looks nice but so many mistakes during the rebuild
tboy800 Yıl önce
You forgot again showing that restored machine working 😠
Ultimately_Everything 10 aylar önce
Rugger 878
Rugger 878 Yıl önce
tboy800 probably doesn’t work
Keith Spencer Sr.
Keith Spencer Sr. Yıl önce
You have a new fan great work, and really miss Germany badly.
ChadW Yıl önce you CAN polish a turd.
Anthony Kent
Anthony Kent Yıl önce
If made candy apple red not black, would be tribute to iron man lol great result
Howard Fulford
Howard Fulford Yıl önce
Bearings ruined by hammering !
Sofi Mach
Sofi Mach Yıl önce
Gut gemacht weiter so
ZMO999 Yıl önce
Can you use something look that good?
Scias Yıl önce
Is this a reupload? I swear I've seen this before.
Scias Yıl önce
@MW Restoration Ah, I understand. Glad to know I'm not crazy, lol.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
You're right. Had to delete the video because of the music
Fix the Things
Fix the Things Yıl önce
Very good👍
Владимир Попов
Владимир Попов Yıl önce
Алексей Горобец
Алексей Горобец Yıl önce
Бред,это видео либо скопировано,либо просто уже далеко не новое,так как именно это видео я с женой смотрели примерно 1,5 месяца назад.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
I uploaded the video again. There were problems with the music
Алексей Горобец
Алексей Горобец Yıl önce
Nonsense,this video is either copied or just is not new,as it is a video my wife and I watched about 1.5 months ago.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
I uploaded the video again. There were problems with the music
J Rand
J Rand Yıl önce
We didn't even got to see it run?! ☹️🤨 - but nice job guys. Technically this is not a restoration - you did not restore it to the original specs (I would've changed the ball bearings too) - you customized it, and although the color scheme isn't to my taste (I would've preferred the original color scheme; Black, Blue and Silver) you still did a very good job, and in the end, it is your machine not mine, so you can do what you want with it! 😊👍👍👍
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
this project should serve as a decoration 😊
Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming
Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming Yıl önce
Hells yes
Claudiu Zaharia
Claudiu Zaharia Yıl önce
but it works?
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар Yıl önce
Hi bro 👋👋👋very good restoration 👍👍👍
R9WFT Yıl önce
А подшипники Пушкин будет менять?😕
Volpavla Yıl önce
Нифига себе, какая древняя AEG. Автор по ходу цыган или румын, судя по цветам. Наклейку зря не сохранил.
Matias Driussi
Matias Driussi Yıl önce
re en esa ñeri
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