Antique Restoration Very Scales 1960s

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MW Restoration

Yıl önce

Antique Restoration Very Rusty scales 1960s . The project is rusted and old. The restoration cost me a lot of time. The shell was repaired and then polished.
My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
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Instagram: mw_restoration
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Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Disassembly
04:31 all parts disassembled
04:41 Sandblasting
05:36 Metal dish beat out
05:53 Grind
07:15 Polishing
07:45 Paint
08:29 2k Primer grind
08:58 2k Color paint
09:48 Numerical display clean
10:41 Reassembly
14:03 Completely restored
15:03 Outro
2k primer (Mipa)
2k Light Ivory Color (RAL 1015)
Paint gun 1,3mm jet LVLP
Primer mixing ratio 10:1 by weight
Color (RAL 1015) 3:1 by weight
Track: Flavour - Wataboi [Audio Library Release]
Music provided by Audio Library Plus
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A New Year by Scott Buckley
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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José Teles da Silva
José Teles da Silva 9 aylar önce
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 9 aylar önce
It's a scale for weighing new born babies they used to have them in hospitals
The Ropes of Renovation
The Ropes of Renovation 10 aylar önce
Good grief. Ignore the buttholes. It was a nice restoration, especially the paint. Nice!
Adibeau Hadjout
Adibeau Hadjout Yıl önce
Without music pleas ..
Harley Robertson
Harley Robertson Yıl önce
1:55 when you finish in bed 😂
Brian Yıl önce
Regardless of what the title says! Nice job!
Steven Mayhew
Steven Mayhew Yıl önce
Somebody must have mislabeled the video. This is actually a scale. A compressor squeezes gases into liquids, and all this thing does is weigh.
RockIsland Rides
RockIsland Rides Yıl önce
Uggg you painted all the V-blocks and pivots ???? Why??? How can this scale be calibrated accurately? The most important element of any scale, the pivots and V-blocks MUST be clean and sharp meaning filed and kept in bare metal, no paint and certainly no grease. This restore though it may look good is a fail due to lack of understanding and knowledge of the equipment. Furthermore all scales must be calibrated with known accurate / certified weights with several placements, minus tare weight(the pan) to function normally. This ornament is not a compressor nor a properly functioning scale.
Clark Lindquist
Clark Lindquist Yıl önce
Good job. Do change the title to scale restoration. Good job however
Fernando Robles
Fernando Robles Yıl önce
i would love to see your "scale" restoration next.....
nancy craig
nancy craig Yıl önce
No worries we are all human everyone makes mistakes its okay ggreat restoration all the same!
Douche Bigelow
Douche Bigelow Yıl önce
Mighty fine compressor you got there! Must be from harbor freight..
negative nancy
negative nancy Yıl önce
Compressor huh
Ging3rHippi3 Yıl önce
Comments did not disappoint 😂💀
Riny van Abel
Riny van Abel Yıl önce
Nice the German words in the measure-tape.
Turkey Man
Turkey Man Yıl önce
Ian P A
Ian P A Yıl önce
Looks just like a baby weighing scale to me. These used to be in maternity units and midwife rooms.
Anand Moon
Anand Moon Yıl önce
Absolutely correct !!!
Andrew George
Andrew George Yıl önce
I think you’ve got it wrong saying old compressor when it’s some old scales ⚖️ I think you should look before you post it online ok dude.
Ernesto Alcaraz
Ernesto Alcaraz Yıl önce
fix your title and description
Kevin Yıl önce
Hey MW... did you upload the wrong video...? This is a weighing scale and I watched it a few weeks ago... ? Greetings from Southport UK.
Cheldon Cuper
Cheldon Cuper Yıl önce
*"Compressor"??? Eso es una BÁSCULA!!*
Gerry B
Gerry B Yıl önce
nice "compressor" didn't you call it a scale before? LOL :)
Deborah Torgler
Deborah Torgler Yıl önce
Beautiful restoration and I love the color.
Putra Yudha
Putra Yudha Yıl önce
ikak nameke timbangan, bukan kumpo angin 😆
homeyshlitz Yıl önce
I hate to break it to you MW... that is a scale not a compressor. It looks good (episode title typo aside)
Patrick Perry
Patrick Perry Yıl önce
Stop smoking that shit when you’re writing the title to your video.
Pilar Carolina
Pilar Carolina Yıl önce
👀 I see a scale 🤔... Your work is fine but your English may be in need of a restauration .... 🙄
Nick Slayer
Nick Slayer Yıl önce
Same for you... It's "restoration"
Mr59ZIPPO Yıl önce
bad color choice for such a rare classic compressor.
Hyerin Jun
Hyerin Jun Yıl önce
first i thought this "compressor" is some kind of ultrasonic cleaner,but after i look at the mechanical thing,this must be weight scale. maybe for weighing gold in the early days
Imp ThePimp
Imp ThePimp Yıl önce
while many of the comments might seem like a kick in the was still a great restoration
Joerg Crux
Joerg Crux Yıl önce
Josep C B
Josep C B Yıl önce
Excelente video pero... No veo el compresor ?. Saludos desde Barcelona Catalonia./
Chris Mate
Chris Mate Yıl önce
Thats a compressor of scale.
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 9 aylar önce
No it's a weighing scale for new born's they had them in hospitals before the digital age.
benjamin corleone
benjamin corleone Yıl önce
was going to take the piss for the "compressor" thing, then read the comments...….no need to bother.
philanna38 Yıl önce
This looks familiar as hell. I have seen this before but it was called "Scale" not "compressor". MW, do you care to give an explanation?
krtekcyberpunker Yıl önce
Scale brand Compressor?
Milan Fanas
Milan Fanas Yıl önce
I have failed my english exam because I've written that I use to measure my weight with the help of a compressor. It's your fault, don't forget it!
Gary Jones
Gary Jones Yıl önce
Very nicely done MWR... Where are you located?
IRENE Yıl önce
So there it is, video with fantastic restoration👏 and tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅🍅 Compressor ... and what? Sometimes I get confused about the names too!
Vince Scarpa
Vince Scarpa Yıl önce
Had to look at the comments just to see I wasn't tripping about this wonderful compressor design
Tom Cunha
Tom Cunha Yıl önce
Very funny looking compressor.
atyavilaag Yıl önce
Good job!
atyavilaag Yıl önce
Very interesting compressor, this can measure the weight of air :)
Martin Centeno
Martin Centeno Yıl önce
Eres un chingón
Phillip Newton
Phillip Newton Yıl önce
Ummmmm scale.
[Vampira Sweden]
[Vampira Sweden] Yıl önce
Nice scale, Awsome job!
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
I found the mechanicals of this one very interesting. I've never had trouble getting stuff apart, but back together, that's another story. Yeah, some compressor. lol.
id104335409 Yıl önce
Must be a very old compressor - when they still didn't know such a device might look, but they knew how scales look like, so...
J Rand
J Rand Yıl önce
Weirdest looking compressor I've ever seen, and I'm not exactly sure how it works!? 🤔😉
no spam
no spam Yıl önce
Epic fail! Try again. This "compressor" looks like a scale :-)
Bojidar Vasilev
Bojidar Vasilev Yıl önce
Mehmet Ertum
Mehmet Ertum Yıl önce
Владимир Попов
Владимир Попов Yıl önce
Евгений Рокотов
Евгений Рокотов Yıl önce
Он не рукажоп , он фокусник !!!
Axel Brinkmann
Axel Brinkmann Yıl önce
yes and it is a scale
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Hey guys the video was uploaded again 🔨
Keith Perry
Keith Perry Yıl önce
someone needs to go to school and learn the difference between scales and a compressor. Total fail
yana1955 Yıl önce
It's still showing as a compressor.
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