Old Metabo Drill Restoration 💎 Drill 1975 🔧 Metabo SB 800/6 S-automatic Restoration

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Old Metabo Sb 800/6 S-automatic Drill Restoration
Hey guys. Decided it was again time for another restoration video. A good friend of mine found an old Drill in his basement manufactured by Metabo.
It is the Metabo Sb 800/6 S-automatic with a power input of 220 V alternate currents, 4 Amps and 800 Watts pulling from the socket built probably in the early 1980's.
It uses a 1.5 - 13mm or 1/2-20 UNF (Unified National Fine) drillhead.
It's has a power performance of 900 RPM on low setting and can reach up to 2000 RPM on max settings.
Judging by the overall symptoms of wear and tear, it served pretty much heavy duty in it's old days.
Still I think it deserves a second chance to shine again.
What has been refurbished:
The whole drill got a fresh paint with it's iconic colors the company Metabo lives by which are Red, Darkgreen, Silver
All ballbearings have been replaced with new ones
New Drillhead and chuck purchased and mounted
Old lubricant for the transmission has been cleaned off and fresh new applied.
Talking about cleaning, the entire drill has been cleaned, from the inside and outside as well.

Roberto Bezerra
Roberto Bezerra 2 aylar önce
Adóro éssas séries.
enedene dubedene
enedene dubedene 5 aylar önce
Super Job!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀 Viele Grüße aus Germany
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 8 aylar önce
Thank you for no music and talking. Makes for the best restoration videos. Well done
Dai Burt
Dai Burt 8 aylar önce
Best one I've seen
Nikola Starcevic
Nikola Starcevic 9 aylar önce
one of worst so far
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 10 aylar önce
I liked the Turtle and the Hare
Kaster 10 aylar önce
Не обычная дрель. Кроме того, что это перфоратор, с обратной стороны якоря есть цанга. Интересно для чего? Как фрезер использовать, или какая-то своя оснастка была.
zer0too360 Yıl önce
Asmr on point😰
zrylux Yıl önce
dont use those ugly transitions. makes me feel sick
AutomaticSelector Yıl önce
The thumbnail made it look like a Rastafarian drill.
Игорь Коленченко
Игорь Коленченко Yıl önce
У меня перфоратор через пол года хуже выглядит, а тут 75 год
Abdessalam Bounouh
Abdessalam Bounouh Yıl önce
Bonjour Est ce que vous pouvez faire une vidéo pour les anciennes calculatrice comme (facit calculator)?
Mr. $elf Destruct
Mr. $elf Destruct Yıl önce
It's saying something when people would prefer and to restore tools NOT made in china ...
BartiXu! Yıl önce
24:20 Czy pan jest z polski??
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Nie , mieszkam w Niemczech 😊 Ale umiem po polsku 👍
Alex andres 86
Alex andres 86 Yıl önce
speed switch!! Hi speed= rabbit Low speed= turtle
Виктор Путятин
Виктор Путятин Yıl önce
Молотком по шпинделю. Верх идиотизма!
glenn moreland
glenn moreland Yıl önce
Combined drill & die grinder...👍🇬🇧
Yoshida Yıl önce
Woko Hedgehogs
Woko Hedgehogs Yıl önce
Superb restoration, one of the finest that I have seen for a long time.
MrZielonyzx Yıl önce
Not original Metabo color my friend - you should try to get make new sticker with all speeds printed new
Halvor Pedersen
Halvor Pedersen Yıl önce
I noticed the locking ring in the front is incorrect. I'm sure it works, but it should be an inside ring, not an outside one.
SUNNY creative
SUNNY creative Yıl önce
"Metabo" means "fat" in Japanese lol.
FireBlade X
FireBlade X Yıl önce
slow Metabo-lism.
R. B.
R. B. Yıl önce
Michael P
Michael P Yıl önce
I just love how slow and methodical he disassembles and assembles things, this is like the ASMR of restorations.
Will Black
Will Black Yıl önce
Also, who cares if you chose a slightly different green? This isn't for the Metabo Museum. It's your drill. Put any spin on it you want. See what I did there? 'Spin'? I must be smart. Seriously, do it in acid green and Joker purple if you want. Actually that sounds cool now that I think about it. Do it again...
Will Black
Will Black Yıl önce
Loved this. Could just watch and watch. My one things is that I love seeing a Jacob's chuck get a restoration and even a high polish. My favorite part of the drill. I wish you had just done the original. Still, a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL piece.
fire hand
fire hand Yıl önce
Too new 👏👏👏
Pär Krantz
Pär Krantz Yıl önce
So, why did You paint it pea green when the original colour is dark green?
xZeptahh Yıl önce
ismail keskinkaya
ismail keskinkaya Yıl önce
Perfect .more video
Kaan Canpınar
Kaan Canpınar Yıl önce
paint remover???
James Anderson
James Anderson Yıl önce
Does this ever go to a hardware store?
los santos
los santos Yıl önce
Every part fitting simply how ?? 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅
Fridolin Freundlich
Fridolin Freundlich Yıl önce
I just bought a quite similiar one, 7512/3, for 1 euro. Looks even worse than yours at the start :D
krzysiek Yıl önce
tabliczkę znamionowa wyjebali....a dali swoja...łapa w dół
krzysiek Yıl önce
widziałem,wystarczyło ścioągnąc zdjęcie z sieci i zrekonstruować a tak to dupa zbita,co nie zmienia faktu że reszta zajebiście zrobiona
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Ey stary zobacz sobie jak ta tabliczka wygląda. 26:55
Tùng Lương Huy
Tùng Lương Huy Yıl önce
wrong Metabo 's green. so now, the drill like china 's product. you need improve your skill. your score at 7/10
Matthias Weigel
Matthias Weigel 8 aylar önce
No one asked you, so who cares?
Martha Potter
Martha Potter Yıl önce
And what exactly is YOUR score? I think he did a great job! 10/10 from me.
rene levesque
rene levesque Yıl önce
beware mushrooming ; get yourself a soft material hammer
Highlander Yıl önce
Отличное видео! Спасибо!
J Rand
J Rand Yıl önce
Great restoration - now it's good for 44 years more! 👍👍👍
Amir Yashar Javanbakht
Amir Yashar Javanbakht Yıl önce
Hello. The film can be played at educational institutions for tech students as a repair drill. Just wishing to write in the various sections he opened, he wrote what you did. Really, the producer of this film must have received a prize. During this time, I did not see the repair film so well and in high quality. good job
xl Yıl önce
where exactly do you think this would be played ?
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Thanks 😊
Александр Кузнецов
Александр Кузнецов Yıl önce
В 1975 году в СССР ударных дрелей не наблюдалось. Да и простую дрель купить проблема была.
Mario Vargas
Mario Vargas Yıl önce
excelente restauración 👍👌 metabo🖤
stascha1 Yıl önce
Another fantastic restauration video! This powerdrill has certainly been brought back to former glory. Which solvents and cleaning liquids did you use?
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
@stascha1 👍
stascha1 Yıl önce
@MW Restoration Danke für den Tipp! Werde ich mal ausprobieren.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Meiner Erfahrung einer der besten Mittel " Buzil Bistro G 435 " gegen Eiweiß-, Öl- und fetthaltigen.
nicolò agliolo gallitto
nicolò agliolo gallitto Yıl önce
Bravo!!! Comunque, (a) la targhetta delle specifiche tecniche non avresti dovuta toglierla; (b) La punta elicoidale per forare non va mai messa fino in fondo, per non rovinare le spire; (c) e poi, il filo elettrico, nel video non si vede se è stato sostituito, di solito si deteriora con l'uso, quindi per la sicurezza di chi lo usa va sostituito insieme alla spina..
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
They are right, but if the sign is damaged, I can do nothing more 🙂
Juan Carlos Rodríguez mis pistas
Juan Carlos Rodríguez mis pistas Yıl önce
Wow brother
buczo102 Yıl önce
Noo fajnie wyszło ;)
Josep C B
Josep C B Yıl önce
👏🥇🎖️ Felicidades. Saludos desde Barcelona
iamrichrocker Yıl önce
TRpost has done more for tool repair and restoration than any other entity i can think of..it is so great to see ol warriors come back to work again..bravo
Gary Mucher
Gary Mucher Yıl önce
Very nice. Looks as good as new.Thumbs Up!
Lexx Ako
Lexx Ako Yıl önce
Not often you publish your videos, but it is always very interesting works. Of course, it’s a pity that you didn’t keep the original sticker with the modes of operation. Thank you very much.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Unfortunately, the sticker has been badly damaged when removing
Trường Ngô
Trường Ngô Yıl önce
Good job....
Fjon Yıl önce
The Gold Angle Grinder with over Million views. Impressive!
Fjon Yıl önce
Shit! I’m going to watch it again.
Fjon Yıl önce
# 881 here. Last night I watched your video with the Gold Angle Grinder. Man, you threw the “ Rulebook “ out on that one. I loved it! Tonight I had the pleasure of watching this. Young man, you have some serious talent and skills. Thank you for sharing. 👍👍👍👍👍
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Yıl önce
hot boiling soapy water add soap when done boiling super soapy save the stuff grease will congel soap left behind water will evaporate dirt falls out
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Yıl önce
@MW Restoration there's more to it you have to skim the grease of remove most of the water leaving the dirt which you discard save the now clear water add boiling water and more soap that's what I do always refreshing it saves on my over head and I wash combine parts
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
thanks for the tip
DARK 1997
DARK 1997 Yıl önce
Carlos Cruzado
Carlos Cruzado Yıl önce
Me encanta tu trabajo sigue así
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар Yıl önce
Very very good restoration drill 👍👍👍👍👍and video cool 🤝🤝🤝🤝
alexander Sepúlveda
alexander Sepúlveda Yıl önce
Hola buenas
Faska Restoration
Faska Restoration Yıl önce
Great Restoration, but realy 28000 Rpm that is faster than my angle grinder?
pinco panco
pinco panco 11 aylar önce
@MW Restoration no, 26000 rpm is correct , this drill has a 26000 rpm attachment in his back.
Aubreykun Yıl önce
@sthenzel what a weird tool. A drill that can convert into a rough die grinder on the fly...
sthenzel Yıl önce
Handheld woodworking routers (incl. CNC) use the same collet chucks, but this here is only meant to be used as a grinder (my fault, didn´t fully read the label!). The drill chuck has a 2-speed reduction, but the rear spindle runs at full speed. 00:29 "Drehzahl an der Spannzange 26.000/min. Nur Schleifkörper bis 26mm Durchmesser einspannen." Speed at the collet 26,000rpm. Only mount grinding wheels up to 26mm.
Faska Restoration
Faska Restoration Yıl önce
@MW Restoration Oh Ok
sthenzel Yıl önce
That drill seems to be a combination tool, the motor shaft has a collet chuck, most likely intended for use as a router. According to the old decal, this indeed runs at 26000rpms.
ExHited Yıl önce
Wwoooww Im 1)))
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