RESTORATION Ship Lamp 1945s - 🔧 Broken and Rusty 🔨

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MW Restoration

Yıl önce

Restoration of an old ship's lamp from 1945s. It was not an easy restoration. The ship's lamp was badly rusted and damaged. The grid was badly rusted, so I made a new one. So that the ship's lamp gets an even more beautiful lock, I have the lamp on an old wooden board complained. I hope you liked the video. if so, then load a like there.
My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
Social Media:
Instagram: mw_restoration
My second Channel:
2k primer (Mipa)
2k Black Color
Paint gun 1,3mm jet LVLP
Primer mixing ratio 10:1 by weight
Black Color 3:1 by weight
Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Disassembly
02:02 all parts disassembled
02:17 Washing
02:27 Sandblasting
03:32 Repair the glass
04:56 Create a glass grid
05:41 Welding glass lattice
06:44 Paint
07:48 Make wooden board old
07:10 Clean and polish tires
07:54 Build signal lights
09:14 Free the lamp holder from rust
09:48 Build metal plate
10:00 Reassembly
12:32 Completely restored Truck
Special info:
Lamp: Gift from the friend 0€
Duration of restoration 10 hours
Video cut 6 hours
When I'm gone by LiQWYD
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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damka69960 2 aylar önce
L'intérieur d'une lampe en noir ??
Paul Orth
Paul Orth 2 aylar önce
Everything the others said rings out true, especially if you look during disassembly the interior lens is silvery to begin with and the conduit pipe would have looked more correct. But over all enjoyed the video.
silvermint45 3 aylar önce
There should be an earth cable to the metal body of the lamp.
Rusty Rollers
Rusty Rollers 3 aylar önce
Amazing and inspirational
Basileia Tahir
Basileia Tahir 3 aylar önce Hi. Did you know about this facebook page ? It’s one of your video with a watermark with your name, and their name... (sorry for my bad english...)
Keith Reeves
Keith Reeves 8 aylar önce
I love this piece!!!
Robert Grodzki
Robert Grodzki Yıl önce
This lamp is 74 years Old.
leahcim ressik
leahcim ressik Yıl önce
Ich denke ich kann in deutsch schreiben: Super, Super, Super. Es macht einfach Spaß dir zu zuschauen! 🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👉🏅
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Danke 🙏 Ps. Komme aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 😁🤫
Dean Bacon
Dean Bacon Yıl önce
only thing I would have added is a brass plate with the name of the ship or boat it came from if you new the info
Georgii Sorokin
Georgii Sorokin Yıl önce
Чёрный отражатель в плафоне ... что, правда???
Clark Lindquist
Clark Lindquist Yıl önce
Love the finish on the wooden plank. Bet that smells amazing. I love that smell of burning wood. Nice. Good job
Clark Lindquist
Clark Lindquist Yıl önce
Nicely done
Old like New - RESTORATION
Old like New - RESTORATION Yıl önce
beautiful effect, I also like to renovate old lamps, invite me to the channel: -) ... Of course, thumbs up.
anthony anastor
anthony anastor Yıl önce
Nice job 👍🏻👍🏻
lory Yıl önce
Awesome job.👏👏
TOMMY N .J Yıl önce
Shut be paint White inside ?
Vladimir Talizin
Vladimir Talizin Yıl önce
Наверное ты не очень понимаешь для чего отражатель
ник ники
ник ники Yıl önce
Да, недочёт пооучился. Но думаю её дальнейшая жизнь будет в виде экспоната.)
Vickie Fowler
Vickie Fowler Yıl önce
That... is... awesome!
aped3 Yıl önce
NICE make over !!! Where did you find the Lamp ??? Did You get it off Ebay ???
Алексей Сапунков
Алексей Сапунков Yıl önce
Я не могу. Этот припадок стекло отпескоструил.
Алексей Сапунков
Алексей Сапунков Yıl önce
Да еще ОТРАЖАТЕЛЬ покрасил черным.
Михаил Пузанов
Михаил Пузанов Yıl önce
Christophe Godfirnon
Christophe Godfirnon Yıl önce
Very nice job ! The same quality as Tysy Tube or My Mechanics. Subscribers will follow ...
Martin Centeno
Martin Centeno Yıl önce
Eres un chingón
Gloeckner22 Yıl önce
Weder Zugentlastung noch Erdung!? nocht schön gemacht, da fehlt doch was
I absolutely love the way you film and edit your videos 👍👍👍
glenn moreland
glenn moreland Yıl önce
1) this item doesn't appear to be properly earthed 2) did you check to make sure that E27 lampholder was wired correctly...? As they're polarity sensitive and potentially dangerous if not wired correctly... 🇬🇧👍
Garage Rest
Garage Rest Yıl önce
A good idea
[Vampira Sweden]
[Vampira Sweden] Yıl önce
Great work guys! It came out awsome!
Владимир Попов
Владимир Попов Yıl önce
Евгений Рокотов
Евгений Рокотов Yıl önce
Да он точно Ф-О-К-У-С-Н-И-К ?!!
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар Yıl önce
Hi bro 👋👋👋 very good restoration ship lamp 👍👍👍
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
while it's a nice job, I feel like you made a couple of errors. The inside of the lamp should have at least been painted silver or chrome, or been highly polished to reflect light. black does the opposite. Also, use an LED or curly florescent bulb in it, you get more light for less juice and less heat. also, the wires should be in a conduit pipe to continue the look. On a ship, all the wires are in conduit, even back then. Helps reduce the risk of fire and sparks. It seals not only to waterproof, but to contain the heat and sparks say if a bulb blows. a painted piece of PVC pipe would do for the conduit, since it only has to look the part.
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
@Railfan 439 I'll wager it was already frosted. I don't think I've ever seen a clear one on board any ship, but then I wasn't on a lot of really old ships either. They still have quite similar lights today though, and they're frosted. The brass wires would have been a good idea, and actually brass brazing could fix the damage on the ring, braze over it with brass, then grind and polish it, add the brass rods or wires polished.... but that's a lot of extra work and expense. Maybe just some good gold tone paint, and filler then paint on the ring? But then you lose all authenticity, so it's a double edged sword.
Railfan 439
Railfan 439 Yıl önce
I agree about painting the interior white, or silver for reflectivity. Good job on the protective bars. Silver solder was a good idea. To make it more authentic, though, I would have used thick brass welding rod, instead of the iron wire. Make it a real eye-catcher. Was the glass globe originally frosted, or was it clear? Thanks for the video. Jon
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
@Danimal Von or worse yet, it would be very pricey in an antique store.
Danimal Von
Danimal Von Yıl önce
Needed to have an earth too. But, nice job - would be expensive to buy in a light store.
too tall
too tall Yıl önce
@Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva well I'm not getting that good of a look at that piece, I guess.
Mr. $elf Destruct
Mr. $elf Destruct Yıl önce
This is done really well ... your production is perfect ... superior audio as well I have to add ...
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
thanks 😁
BBB Yıl önce
Can you restore my marriage?
BBB Yıl önce
MW Restoration is that a yes? Not only restore my marriage but my family. My wife cheated and took everything including the children.
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Mehmet Ertum
Mehmet Ertum Yıl önce
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
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