Restoration Antique Bread Slicer Germania - Repair and Restoration

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MW Restoration

Yıl önce

Restoration of an old and rusty bread slicer from the year of construction 1920. Restoration and repair.
I bought the bread slicer for 10 euros on ebay. After almost 100 years, the knife was very badly rusted. You could not cut bread anymore. The wooden boards were very damaged. There was a lot to do so that you could cut bread again with the bread slicer.
My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
Social Media:
Instagram: mw_restoration
My second Channel:
2k primer (Mipa)
2k Color (RAL 1015)
Paint gun 1,3mm jet LVLP
Primer mixing ratio 10:1 by weight
Color (RAL 1015) 3:1 by weight
To sharpen a knife:
Grindstone Whetstone Grid 400 - 1000
Special info:
Bought on Ebay for 10 €
Duration of restoration 12 hours
Video cut 6 hours
Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:09 Disassembly
02:56 Clean all parts
03:01 Woodwork
05:47 Wood Stain Walnut
06:34 Wooden Handle
07:21 Sandblastig
08:18 To sharp a knife
08:48 Knife polishing
09:06 Whetstone knife
09:57 2K Primer paint
11:14 2k Color paint
11:52 Metal grinding
13:18 Reassembly
15:53 Completely restored Bread Slicer
Wait for You by INOSSI
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
Free Download / Stream:
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Dark Green
Dark Green Aylar önce
Did you even try to use the rust blade to cut it like you can just rip it open.
ÖzgüN 2 aylar önce
Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan 2 aylar önce
Why WD-40 didn't take us to Mars yet?
Bot Ljfe
Bot Ljfe 3 aylar önce
Facebook took your videos buddy.
Janine Shepperson
Janine Shepperson 4 aylar önce
Hey just an FYI someone stole your content and is using it on fb to direct traffic to their account. Even voiced over your video saying they did the restoration themselves.
michael wade
michael wade 4 aylar önce
Just so you know others are stealing your work.
Wish Sparrow
Wish Sparrow 4 aylar önce
Bro facdbook stole ur video
Andrew B
Andrew B 6 aylar önce
very good restoration! museum piece (and historic) value: gone. 🙂
whis key
whis key 6 aylar önce
You should have bought a new on instead of ruining this with what you call a restoration.
G3TWR3KS0N 6 aylar önce
I searched for your video, cause some twat felt the need to voice over what you're doing and it really pissed me off. Great video tho 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
anthony anastor
anthony anastor 7 aylar önce
Nice job 👍🏻
moosejuice216 7 aylar önce
I know the whole thing about keeping it as original as possible but idk about that wood chief
WyL 7 aylar önce
Yo TRpost updated and they put the timeline on this video! it be looking sickkk!
Hailey Harrison
Hailey Harrison 8 aylar önce
Why didn't he use paint stripper before sand-blasting?
mikedawookie 8 aylar önce
Someone made a crappy video with your content.
sr. xivi
sr. xivi 8 aylar önce
So many ads
Ashari Ariya
Ashari Ariya 8 aylar önce
I hope i can play the vid in 5x speed. 2x isnt enough! To slow!
xorbodude 8 aylar önce
Why on earth would you not replace the wood? Get some chopping boards and plane it
Adomas Labutis
Adomas Labutis 8 aylar önce
16:30 but why do you cut the bread with gloves on?
Mrfrankeeboyy 8 aylar önce
Can't wait for the next video where the bread slicer is restored again😥
BUSHWACKER XIII 8 aylar önce
Just seen your vid on fb some indian guy is claiming its his video i mean who calls wd40 alcohol hes doin a pretty bad narration job
Auth Auth
Auth Auth 8 aylar önce
Just so you know this video has been stolen and used on social media - Facebook specifically. There’s no credit to you and they’ve even made their own sound effects and commentary. The channel name on Facebook is “mike Tyson”
Erickkach 8 aylar önce
Someone has taken your video and dubbed over it and is claiming it's theirs. Is there anything you can do to have them taken down?
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha 8 aylar önce
check the description, its released under licence. One doesn't need to take it down, just ask the person to attribute to the original creator.
Cranberry Ripper
Cranberry Ripper 8 aylar önce
Evidently you’re doing a lot of things the wrong way here lol
2B7R5K 8 aylar önce
came here cause fuck facebook ads
The.Moss.Then.Is_Cut 8 aylar önce
I just watched this on Facebook with higher speed and commentary but came here to comment. I'm surprised there's slow speed process and no commentary here. I wanted to say i don't really like the outcome of this restoration. Reviving it was great, but i think restoration is about bringing a product to its former glory not changing it at all. Why would it need extra screws and white paint job? I'd like to see it finished like it would belong in a museum, showing exactly how it looked like when it was brand new.
Hyuu23 8 aylar önce stolen content?
Hector Canizales
Hector Canizales 8 aylar önce
Your video was used by a FB user:
Alex Ash
Alex Ash 8 aylar önce
Heads up that your video is being stolen and re-uploaded on Facebook by different pages, in particular Mike Tyson's official page...
Caradoc 8 aylar önce
Some guy on TRpost is stealing your video's. He just speeds them up and does a voice over.
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha 8 aylar önce
Kindly check the description, it's released under license. One doesn't need to take it down, just ask the person to attribute to the original creator. The person might have missed to attribute it to the source and release the dubbed video under the same license. One should first ask the person to do adhere to the license norms and that should solve the copyright issue.
Islam Ali
Islam Ali 8 aylar önce
Some indian guy stole your video and posted it om facebook
Tracy Sorensen
Tracy Sorensen 8 aylar önce
I just saw this video on Facebook with a voice over. It looks like someone stole it from you and is trying to pass it off as there own.
chris louise
chris louise 8 aylar önce
Was suppose to take a shower 20mins ago and here i am. ☹️
flamshiz 8 aylar önce
covering that beautiful metal with white seems like a weird decision
Skylar West
Skylar West 4 aylar önce
Should've been repainted a nice blue or something. Bland white makes it look depressing.
Joe Peacock
Joe Peacock 8 aylar önce
Did you know your content is being taken and dubbed over claiming to be done by someone else on facebook?
Bot Ljfe
Bot Ljfe 3 aylar önce
Thats how im here lol
Dilly The Pickley
Dilly The Pickley 4 aylar önce
The girl that dubbed the video on Facebook said you used a Dremel to remove the rust and excess paint, but it was sand blasting. I’m pretty sure she had no idea what she was talking about.
Raphael L. Rodriguez Rivera
Raphael L. Rodriguez Rivera 4 aylar önce
Yes!!! I saw a female doing the same.
Alyssa Leavens
Alyssa Leavens 5 aylar önce
It’s on metdaan’s fb too
dhudson369 6 aylar önce
I saw it also thats why im here.
Godswill Tabag
Godswill Tabag 8 aylar önce
someones stealing your content and posting it on facebook
YermSeul_21 8 aylar önce
someone on reposted this video on facebook and someone is narrating on this video. here’s the link to that video
Kamo Speed
Kamo Speed 8 aylar önce
What's the soundtrack called at the end?
Adri-ana 8 aylar önce
Kamo Speed gimme your number I’ll text it to you 😌
manuel gonzalez
manuel gonzalez 8 aylar önce
good job, for you and good naps for me between parts preparations
Виталий Жарков
Виталий Жарков 8 aylar önce
дерево WD пропитал,вообще конченый
Mark Stern
Mark Stern 8 aylar önce
Tysy Tube just restored a bread slicer and I KNEW I'd seen it done before!
Roland Nagy
Roland Nagy 11 aylar önce
I liked the video even though there are many mistakes. Wd40 on wood. Using stain on wood that will be in contact with food. One of the screws split the wood you can spot it in the video. But hey, practice makes perfect.
Robert Rankin
Robert Rankin 11 aylar önce
Good restoration work. Thanks, it was educational.
NEW MOTTA 11 aylar önce
Meus parabéns ótimo trabalho 👏👏👏
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 11 aylar önce
MW Restoration
MW Restoration 11 aylar önce
* Yıl önce
Warum hast du das Brett den nicht gleich neu gemacht?
Peace Out
Peace Out Yıl önce
I'm just smh at all the armchair experts. I think you did an absolutely fantastic job restoring this piece. It turned out amazing, and I don't care if you used standard techniques or not. The final piece speaks for itself. I love watching your videos.
Joey P
Joey P Yıl önce
I like that you took the time to keep the original wood... says a lot. Beautiful job...
TroubleMcTrouble Yıl önce
That was AMAZING! I love that bread cutter! :D So well done! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family - I hope you all have a healthy, happy and successful 2020... :)
tread nokash
tread nokash Yıl önce
Wat u call dat bread?
Tiffany Harvey
Tiffany Harvey Yıl önce
Excessive amounts of ads for a 17min video
Fat Rabbit
Fat Rabbit 8 aylar önce
This blew my mind. I don't even think about ads anymore; just pay for TRpost premium.
F3RN250 Yıl önce
Terrible video. Cringy technique and shitty finish.
osama salem
osama salem Yıl önce
2:09 this tool not in the links .. what's the name of it ?
VagueFatality1 Yıl önce
That's a 29 guage spinning floofer. It's used to remove rivets as well as splinters from your fingers.
John Evans
John Evans Yıl önce
But where can I buy antique bread to slice?
John Evans
John Evans Yıl önce
@staehodgin ok, never mind.
Roomies Garage
Roomies Garage Yıl önce
beautiful job
R99pinball Yıl önce
Even at 2x speed this feels too slow.
aserta Yıl önce
Ok...but why did you lubricate wood screws...
NATA5 Yıl önce
You painted it a different color but kept the old nasty wood. Hmmm okay.
King King
King King 8 aylar önce
GLYD Studios Yah
GLYD Studios
GLYD Studios 8 aylar önce
It's called a restoration. Generally, it's acceptable to change pain colors, but you need to keep as many parts from the original as possible. That wood was more than recoverable.
AdurianJ Yıl önce
Pre sliced bread is terrible. It looses all moisture
Greg Miller
Greg Miller Yıl önce
Missed opportunity to replace the wood with something new and nicer like teak or walnut. Not to mention you used solvent on the old wood. Also would have liked to have seen all the hardware polished up. The screws were all dinged up.
Lisa D. Evans - Danielson
Lisa D. Evans - Danielson Yıl önce
Awesome work!
Mark Bernier
Mark Bernier Yıl önce
Don't think that is actually a bread slicer. I think it is a tobacco cutter
Metal waves
Metal waves Yıl önce
Dude keep doing you looks good
Алексей Колпаков
Алексей Колпаков Yıl önce
Застал те времена, когда в магазинах похожими ножами хлеб половинили. Но те были немного больше и встроены в прилавок.
Chow ?
Chow ? Yıl önce
watching this guy try to sharpen this made me cringe so hard
Frederik Stiewe
Frederik Stiewe Yıl önce
Me too😢
A E Yıl önce
The bread cutter is the best idea since sliced bread.
torquemada67 Yıl önce
sorry but two new pieces of wood would have been the better way, the old wood is still disgusting
Сергей kapa
Сергей kapa Yıl önce
Вот уж что что, а доски то надо было новые сделать.
Ahmet Megudi
Ahmet Megudi Yıl önce
The bread cutter is good after this restoration only as a decorative object, no more for use in the food industry. WD 40 and walnut glaze - that does not work !!
Nicholas Phillips
Nicholas Phillips Yıl önce
9:30 you really really irritated me when you used that whetstone the wrong way. Learn to use your tools before you try to operate them. I'll give you a hint, you dont scrape the blade back and forth in one position like that unless you are purposefully trying to ruin (a)your stone or (b)the blade.
Rafael Ramos
Rafael Ramos Yıl önce
Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan Yıl önce
plz name this user articles
Rich Giroux
Rich Giroux Yıl önce
Now your bread will taste like walnut stain!!!
Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson Yıl önce
Ok first off the that bread looked hard as a rock second wormy wood and split wood why go to the trouble to restore that throw it away put new wood you used new hardware
RestorationTube Yıl önce
Nice work! Turned out really well!
Steve Dingman
Steve Dingman Yıl önce
There’s a place for wormy wood and it’s not with then bread slicer! Love the restoration but the wood needed changed! Wd40 and wormholes and food don’t mix!
Steve Dingman
Steve Dingman Yıl önce
I really hope you didn’t take my comment as a hateful one ! I’m not a troll or a azzhole know it all lol just a guy who like you restores things from years gone by! And just pointing out that worm hole wood and wd40 wasn’t appetizing! But the restoration was great 👍🏾!
Better at 2x speed
John Greene
John Greene Yıl önce
. Mumm. LIDL's seeded granary loaf, my favourite. Two slices, mayo, cherry tomatoes, salami, slice of smokes ham, thinly sliced onion,(and it must be sliced thinly) black pepper and just a squeeze of chilli sauce. Small flask of javan coffee every weekend in my rucksack when I'm out deer stalking. Absolutely orgasmic
Dennis O'Brien
Dennis O'Brien Yıl önce
~13:05-- files only cut in one direction and it's not that one.
Mountain View Turning
Mountain View Turning Yıl önce
Very nice looking great 👍
ZenZen7000 Yıl önce
Nice, but not nice! You can do better! Step it up a notch!
Delores Mascari
Delores Mascari Yıl önce
Why dont you talk and step us through it. Unless you are the great grim reaper lol
abdelkrim laagad
abdelkrim laagad Yıl önce
very good
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston Yıl önce
Must be single, 1st he uses a casserole dish and places a piece of wood in the oven, and then he is using kitchen utensils to mix wood filler. My wife would had my hide.
Marcelo da costa
Marcelo da costa Yıl önce
You should give more polish for handle's blade!!!!
Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston Yıl önce
Don't use WD40 on wood...
Scrounga’s Workshop
Scrounga’s Workshop Yıl önce
That’s the best invention since sliced bread 🥴. So glad you kept the original wood but please don’t ever use an angle grinder near a flat piece of steel to try and polish it. As you have found out you will never get the gouges out. Even starting with 80 grit its very time consuming to get the scratches out. Very nice restoration and thanks for posting it. Cheers Stuart 🇦🇺
hogsandsooners Yıl önce
Never use WD-40 on wood, or any surface that you intend to paint.
hogsandsooners 8 aylar önce
Ása-Þórr silicone is insoluble in ethanol or methanol. A better bet is toluene, xylene or mineral spirits. Once it has permeated wood, it is all but impossible to deal with. The best option, as I already stated, is to avoid any silicone-containing fluids in or around any surface to be painted; there are always alternatives.
Ása-Þórr 8 aylar önce
But the wood was left original and all the parts were cleaned before painting. Simple alcohol can be used to clean up as well.
hogsandsooners 8 aylar önce
Dar Eve it contains silicone, which inhibits paint adhesion. It is difficult to remove from any surface and basically impossible to remove from porous surfaces such as wood. When it is atomized via aerosol spray, it may come to rest on every surface in the shop or building in which it is used.
zhe evie
zhe evie 8 aylar önce
Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston Yıl önce
Mr Ego
Mr Ego Yıl önce
I think this is a kid trying out a new hobby? Stay with it junior. Doing good for a beginner. Practice. Practice. Practice. Honing is a serious skill,you need to watch some more videos.
Эдуард Мартюшов
Эдуард Мартюшов Yıl önce
Классная хлеборезка,никогда не видел такую...
Динмухамед Султанмахмутов
Динмухамед Султанмахмутов Yıl önce
Базаров нет. Куросава
Petrysik карпов
Petrysik карпов Yıl önce
Я что-то понять не могу.. зачистили покрасили металл... Привели в порядок нож.. а дерево то зачем то же самое использовать то??. Как то нелогично получается..
Лидия Горных
Лидия Горных Yıl önce
Я тоже так подумала когда смотрела сборку хлеборезки. Дощечки можно было и новые изготовить.
Arthur Asato
Arthur Asato Yıl önce
trompette en chamade 32'
trompette en chamade 32' Yıl önce
6:53 did anyone else think that fly was real
trompette en chamade 32'
trompette en chamade 32' Yıl önce
6:53 did anyone else think that fly was real
lygerzer0 Yıl önce
Nope. I didn’t notice until you pointed it out and I had to touch the time stamps few times to see it
Red Faction
Red Faction Yıl önce
Magnifique 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Евгений Райденко
Евгений Райденко Yıl önce
Не шипко старый, чтоб так реставрировать
Mike Barton
Mike Barton Yıl önce
Good job. You seem to be a little low on air pressure?
Pebbles The Cat
Pebbles The Cat Yıl önce
Where food is concerned, you should only use stainless steel screw's, not brass coated.
Pebbles The Cat
Pebbles The Cat Yıl önce
Here's a tip for you to make things easier in future. If you have to get glue in to a tight space, like in-between the broken handle, use a large gauge needle and syringe - it works every time. Fill the syringe with glue and attach the needle. Shove the needle deep down in to the hole and press the plunger. Hey presto ! The glue gets right down into the crack or void. It's particularly good if your trying to stick veneer down, you can reach really far back with the glue. You can usually buy a single, or set, of syringes and needles from chemists or pharmacies, or even vets. Hope this helps.
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