Restoration Old Toy Dump Tuck 1980s - Toy Truck very Rusty Gozan Tigre Dump Truck

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MW Restoration

11 aylar önce

Restoration old Toy Dump Truck - Restore a wonderful restoration. 🚛
I bought the Dump Tuck at an eBay auction for € 1. The Dump Truck brand is called Gozan "Tigre" and was made in Spain. The toy wasn't rusted so much. Unfortunately, the metal flap on the Dump Truck was missing. The first thing I did was to dismantle all the parts. The parts were then cleaned of rust with the sandblaster.
The wheels of the Dump Truck toy weren't in the best condition either. That's why I sanded them lightly. After that, the surface was lightly processed with fire. This melts the plastic and the surface becomes nice and smooth again and gets a strong black color.
The axes were ground and then polished.
This time the Dump Tuck was coated with the powder process. I used the colors red (RAL-3002) black (RAL-9005) gray (RAL-7004).
Since the meat flap was missing, I had to make one myself. First I made a prototype out of paper. I was then able to make the metal parts out of the paper sample. These were then soldered together with brass. Because the windshield was badly scratched. That's why I sanded them with 2500 abrasive paper. Then I used a 3800 polishing paste.
Finally, I built all the parts together.
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Powder Coating Color:
Black: RAL 9005
Red: RAL: 3002
Gray: RAL: 7004
00:00 Introduction
00:15 Disassembly
02:26 Sandblasting
03:15 Bending parts straight
03:41 Make the metal flap
06:11 Wash and repair the cabin
07:15 Powder Coating
08:08 Polish axes
08:51 Clean tires and windshield
09:09 Freshen up the tires
09:23 Paint the rims
09:40 Polish the windshield
10:35 Assemble
13:25 Stick on the sticker
13:40 Dump Truck fully assembled
Special info:
Bought on Ebay for 1€
Duration of restoration 20 hours
Video cut 15 hours
Do It by MBB
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GAME STAR 12 gün önce
Please make channel where you make cardboard creations
Jasvir Kainth
Jasvir Kainth 3 aylar önce
Hardest of hard 💓 work bro smoothly done ✅😜 god bless you AMEN
Michael Nalbone
Michael Nalbone 5 aylar önce
You brought it back to life.
Socrates 6 aylar önce
Saw this as (I think) stolen content on FB, glad you left watermark so I could find the actually creator.
Ezequiel Ruiz
Ezequiel Ruiz 6 aylar önce
anthony anastor
anthony anastor 7 aylar önce
Nice job 👍🏻
Ruaifi Kids Toys
Ruaifi Kids Toys 7 aylar önce
Michael karl
Michael karl 7 aylar önce
This is in pretty good shape I don't know why your restoring it
vera jamieson
vera jamieson 8 aylar önce
Great job.👍👍
nurkahfi nurkahfi
nurkahfi nurkahfi 8 aylar önce
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Yarik bO40k potik
Yarik bO40k potik 8 aylar önce
на 1 починеную игрушку в мире больше
tim smith
tim smith 8 aylar önce
Cool work bro, very nice.
Donald Swink
Donald Swink 8 aylar önce
Nice restoration job.
Sharon 8 aylar önce
Wow , just wow 👌👌👌
Alexis Gabriel Pumarino
Alexis Gabriel Pumarino 8 aylar önce
primera vez que veo en este tipo de videos como reemplazan o crean las piezas faltantes y eso hace que su video sea aun mejor... sigan asi felicitaciones !!!
Ricky Carter
Ricky Carter 9 aylar önce
Alexander Gomez Cornejo
Alexander Gomez Cornejo 9 aylar önce
Pensé que lo patrocinada el camión de limpieza y no un Banco bueno son la misma basura pero no son iguales
Restoration Australia
Restoration Australia 9 aylar önce
Well bought, looks great.
LegoCityDude 9 aylar önce
This looks more like a Toy Garbage Truck
alger 1
alger 1 10 aylar önce
Toy Story 8
duncan mcleod
duncan mcleod 10 aylar önce
Très sympa cette restauration, mais pour coller les phares il vaut mieux de la colle à bois dilué, une fois sec, c'est invisible. Il faudrait aussi les coller avec le grillage bien droit, c'est plus esthétique.
Walter Roszko
Walter Roszko 10 aylar önce
The truck itself looked like it just neede a good was and touch up, but the fabrication of the back panel was a highlight for me . Good job!
Sadashiv 10 aylar önce
Bohot khoob
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster 10 aylar önce
Beautiful job.
Restoration TV
Restoration TV 11 aylar önce
I have drawn my whole life. My parents were in the tapestry restoration business, and as a young girl, I would draw in the missing parts of the tapestry that needed to be rewoven
youcallisto 11 aylar önce
Too strong, well done.
Mark Perry
Mark Perry 11 aylar önce
Simply amazing
Mitchell Marcus
Mitchell Marcus 11 aylar önce
You decrease the value of that toy even if it had any value. You can't make chicken soup out of chicken shit.I bet I want get a heart you give so freely to everyone else.
Mitchell Marcus
Mitchell Marcus 10 aylar önce
@mysterpassi whatever dude. It's always about the money. If not why put the video on TRpost??
mysterpassi 10 aylar önce
Mitchell Marcus I don't think it's always about money but about hobby ... but the question can only be answered by MW
Mitchell Marcus
Mitchell Marcus 10 aylar önce
@mysterpassi I have been in the antique refinishing and restoration for well over 45 years I also costume paint automobiles motorcycles .my point in making that comment is .Why put all the time and materials in something that isn't worth. 10 bucks?? Also the workman ship wasn't that good as well.
mysterpassi 10 aylar önce
Mitchell Marcus .... and what can you write besides comments?
PNW RC 11 aylar önce
I think this would make a great candidate for an RC conversion!
Joe Scalise
Joe Scalise 11 aylar önce
Good job Fabricating the hopper. Looks grate.
Rebus Omnia
Rebus Omnia 11 aylar önce
Hello, the brand is GOZAN, 'Tigre' is the model name from the 70s (in fact there is another model called Tigre-2000, 80s). And you were very lucky to buy it for this price! usually a lot more expensive. There are other models like the 'Coloso', a smaller one, eg. Nice to see a spain made toy.
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth 11 aylar önce
Nice job.
Kostas 257
Kostas 257 11 aylar önce
Amazing job
DJ Dime
DJ Dime 11 aylar önce
Beautiful work my friend.
Dr. Skip Kazarian
Dr. Skip Kazarian 11 aylar önce
The fabrication of the replacement of the rear scoop assembly shows both talent and patience.....very fine work. Best wishes.
Deia Regina
Deia Regina 11 aylar önce
Maravilhoso ❤
Archiemonty 11 aylar önce
Well this video certainlly wasn't trash :)
Norma Jean Caballero
Norma Jean Caballero 11 aylar önce
Awesome 👍😎👍
Miguel Luque Zurera
Miguel Luque Zurera 11 aylar önce
Al fin un coche fabricado en ESPAÑA
Frank Ortiz
Frank Ortiz 11 aylar önce
Great work! It was a good buy for €1.
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар 11 aylar önce
Hi bro 👋👋👋 very good restoration garbage truck 👍👍👍🔥👌🏽
install 11 aylar önce
Очень хорошо!
mysterpassi 11 aylar önce
Wie immer Gute Arbeit gemacht ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
J Rand
J Rand 11 aylar önce
Really nice job - and great work with the metal flap door. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
TParker18 11 aylar önce
Awesome restoration
IRENE 11 aylar önce
Just MasterClass!!! 👨‍🔧👏🏻🐯
Pat Amos
Pat Amos 11 aylar önce
Excellent work on the fabrication!!!!
Kellanium 11 aylar önce
He make a new one just like MyMechanics!
ريان الحمداني
ريان الحمداني 10 aylar önce
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 11 aylar önce
I wonder who originally manufactured this model?
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 11 aylar önce
EXCELLENT job on this restoration!!
Владимир Попов
Владимир Попов 11 aylar önce
Артём Балынский
Артём Балынский 10 aylar önce
Debbie hew hey we wye wit quark web gcd begs
Луиза Меликян
Луиза Меликян 11 aylar önce
Кто? Или Почему?
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 11 aylar önce
Nice looking paint job!
片岡義男 11 aylar önce
粉体塗装までするなんて 凄過ぎますよね♪
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 11 aylar önce
Looks like this one had good bones to start with..
Delta November
Delta November 11 aylar önce
Excellent job my friend. 👍🏼
João Emanuel
João Emanuel 11 aylar önce
Toop em
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