Restoration Spirit Level 1943s Mirror Finish Polishing

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MW Restoration

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Restoration of an vintage
Spirit Level
. Unfortunately, the spirit level glass is broken
I bought the old spirit level on ebay, for 15 euro. Unfortunately the glass was broken
. That's why I had to order a new one, from England
. Brass parts were polished
. Wood was sanded and painted with oil
My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
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Instagram: mw_restoration
Facebook: restoration007/
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Bought on Ebay for 15 €
Duration of restoration 6 hours
Video cut 6 hours
#Spirit Level
Morning Routine - Ghostrifter Official
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joaquim queiroz
joaquim queiroz 8 aylar önce
parabens.. lindo trabalho, até as fendas dos parafusos ficaram alinhadas...
Vолнистик- TV
Vолнистик- TV 8 aylar önce
Ммм... 😑 это что
john howard
john howard 9 aylar önce
class work
Frank Depew
Frank Depew 10 aylar önce
Wrong use of a screwdriver dude!
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 11 aylar önce
Stick to repairing modern stuff, phones etc, you rubbed away all the character of this level, such a shame!
RockIsland Rides
RockIsland Rides Yıl önce
beautiful job, nice piece. I'd lose the pan head screws and put back the slotted flat top brass screws that came with it originally. Polished tops would give it a better look
Mr Man
Mr Man Yıl önce
Your screwdriver is not a chisel.
Ulle 1410
Ulle 1410 Yıl önce
Das gute alte Schwindelholz. Sieht gut aus, sehr schöne Arbeit.👍
Laila Fernanda
Laila Fernanda Yıl önce
I'm loving your videos!
David Hall
David Hall Yıl önce
A bit dramatic for a simple restoration, don't you think?
Jon Vincent
Jon Vincent Yıl önce
You didn't need to sand he brass, just use brass cleaner. You sanded it and unnecessarily fucked up the engraving
Руст Гу
Руст Гу Yıl önce
Almost handmade I like it
Константин Алексеевич
Константин Алексеевич Yıl önce
Hello I from Russia saw your video I liked how you restore toys I have too old machines I can sell you if you are interested write Do not judge strictly I write through a translator Write me on instagram ko_nstantin6468
Dieselduese Yıl önce
Nice restoration!!! I do the same :))
HELIOS Yıl önce
За уничтоженное клеймо - диз...
Руслан Адамс
Руслан Адамс 9 aylar önce
ну так, показал бы как надо
José Afonso Alberton
José Afonso Alberton Yıl önce
Todo esse tempo de video pra isso?
Jon Knight
Jon Knight Yıl önce
How do you like those Wera screwdrivers?
Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer Yıl önce
Flat head screws on the top would have been better than domed screws.
نزيزب ننققز
نزيزب ننققز Yıl önce
Chamary stigers
Chamary stigers Yıl önce
My mom born in year 1943
Jonathan Randall
Jonathan Randall Yıl önce
I like eggs
Otto Otto Eisenbrot
Otto Otto Eisenbrot Yıl önce
So is mine :-)
Magno Ferreira
Magno Ferreira Yıl önce
Good job!
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner Yıl önce
Fantastic job thanks for sharing looks great 🍺🍺👍👍👍👍👍
Giuseppe Colombo
Giuseppe Colombo Yıl önce
ottimo restauro complimenti
Joey Castillo
Joey Castillo Yıl önce
Worse 15min of my life to damn slow
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez Yıl önce
Todo bien, pero......
TukikoTroy Yıl önce
Seriously? You sanded off the date stamp?! Well, there goes any historical significance right there.
goto50007 Yıl önce
Not so fast man, it might explode.
Kevin Yıl önce
Great job! Very thorough. It mesmerized me.
Bill Schipper
Bill Schipper Yıl önce
Looks great. I was wondering where you were going to get the tube with the bubble.
Hi there when you did the gluing of the crack in the wood one of the things I do is use some of the wood dust from when you were sanding it and mix it with the glue then use it . It will match the wood color so much better
Pebbles The Cat
Pebbles The Cat Yıl önce
Here's a tip for you for the next time you need to get glue into a tight space - like the crack you sealed on this project. Instead of trying to poke the glue into a space, use a syringe and a heavier gauge needle. Suck the glue into the syringe, attach the needle, then poke the needle as far down into the space as you can. Press the plunger and the glue is injected exactly where it needs to be. Clamp as usual and hey presto - a secure, sealed wooden joint or veneer that's reattached to perfection.
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II Yıl önce
Awesome restoration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geoff Quickfall
Geoff Quickfall Yıl önce
Well done, May I suggest that you try fitting the screw driver blade to match the width and thickness of the slot of the screw. This will prevent the bruising of the slots on the screws. Might mean you need to by more slotted screw drivers ;-) Again, nice job!
Angelo Curcio
Angelo Curcio Yıl önce
So many critics . He did his best
Angelo Curcio
Angelo Curcio Yıl önce
Bruno Rebua translate please
Bruno Rebua
Bruno Rebua Yıl önce
Angelo Curcio è vero, ma due suggerimenti erano buoni, mescolare colla e polvere di legno e iniettare la colla con ago e siringa
Wade Wells
Wade Wells Yıl önce
Museum quality restoration. Such a pleasure watching a true craftsman.
Pumpkin Yıl önce
Not even close to museum quality.
tails doll black
tails doll black Yıl önce
could try your hand at restoring something military ?
Mike Yıl önce
This is not a spirit level, this a nice level. A spirit level contains an alcohol filled glass tube which is highly precise. Normal levels are okay but if you have used a spirit level you will know the difference. Nice job though.
tony james
tony james Yıl önce
Mike and it’s not level.
Kostas 257
Kostas 257 Yıl önce
Amazing restore
Gary Mucher
Gary Mucher Yıl önce
Nice! A little helpful hint. Whenever you are turning in nicely polished screws like that, ALWAYS use a perfectly fitted screwdriver blade that fits the screw slot perfectly. Then you don't mar or deform the screw heads again. And to verify you have a true level vial set properly, once you get it centered, turn the level end for end and the bubble should remain in the exact same place. Thumbs Up!
glenn moreland
glenn moreland Yıl önce
It's just a touch out is that... I'd have fixed the brass pads before bedding in the vial on that putty... And would've used a known level surface... Looks nice though...🇬🇧👍
Dale D
Dale D Yıl önce
Just seemed like he was excited to put the bubble in when he got it.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Yıl önce
Great job until the end, not the correct screws
Michael Dowling
Michael Dowling Yıl önce
Kevin Williams I thought that but didn’t want to upset him 😂
J. Zingler
J. Zingler Yıl önce
Ah, das war wunderschön anzuschauen! :)
MW Restoration
MW Restoration Yıl önce
Dankeschön 😁
AutomaticSelector Yıl önce
You need more ads. How about one every minute?
Reed Litcher
Reed Litcher Yıl önce
Very fine restoration. Why are the screws on the top not mounted flush in the countersunk holes? Is this likely how the original screws were? Fantastic!
live oak
live oak Yıl önce
Beautful piece of work, but a shame you lost most of the "Warranted Correct" stamp from the brass as well as the 1943 from the wood. The level could have been restored to your high standards of beauty and functionality without being subjected to so much unnecessary sanding.
Josh Cade
Josh Cade Yıl önce
Yeah I felt that he had went a little far on the sanding as I watched the stamping on the brass fade-away. As for the date on the wood it can be put back with a good pen.
Владимир Попов
Владимир Попов Yıl önce
metal art
metal art Yıl önce
Marty Jeruzal
Marty Jeruzal Yıl önce
Awesome, that don't make that stand the test of time.
Long Silver
Long Silver Yıl önce
ASMR for men
Jonathan Randall
Jonathan Randall Yıl önce
@Angelo Curcio What does your comment have to do with ASMR?
Angelo Curcio
Angelo Curcio Yıl önce
So many critics. He did his best and that’s what matters
rob wallder
rob wallder Yıl önce
Made in my home town.
Velibor Krstić
Velibor Krstić Yıl önce
I almost slept because of your "slow motion" moves. Nice job and nice theme but very boring video.
Matthias Weigel
Matthias Weigel 8 aylar önce
Go make your own video then son. Otherwise STFU.
Velibor Krstić
Velibor Krstić Yıl önce
@philanna38 This is not the right answer. Sit down and learn zour lesson for tomorrow.
philanna38 Yıl önce
So just bring up the settings and set the speed up.
Donna M. Schmid
Donna M. Schmid Yıl önce
Patricia Norton
Patricia Norton Yıl önce
More like this, please. Simple tools, essentially all hand done up to the final brass polish. Excellent! A real pleasure to watch. I was surprised to see that the date was not die stamped into the wood, but only inked on.😟
Евгений Рокотов
Евгений Рокотов Yıl önce
Прекрасный , чистый стол, хорошая отделка стены , а то у других так грязно на столе ,что даже мелкие детали не видно !!! Спасибо что показали как нужно содержать своё рабочее место !!!P.s. И реставратор ВЫ К-А-С-С-Н-Ы-Й !!! 👍👏🥇🛠🗜🔧⚙️‼️‼️
Ricardo Alejandro Tejada Castañeda
Ricardo Alejandro Tejada Castañeda Yıl önce
Lo antiguo, No se lija, pierde su valor
J Rand
J Rand Yıl önce
Very nice resto mate. 👍👍👍
Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell Yıl önce
If only modern tools were made with the same care as the tools of the past.
Idun Valkyrie
Idun Valkyrie Yıl önce
Schön gemacht cheers
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар Yıl önce
Very good restoration Spirit Level 👍👍👍
IRENE Yıl önce
Wonderful restoration! 👌🥳 Great video 👏
ferraridinoman Yıl önce
Nice restoration. Shame you lost the "1943" stamp on the side
Виль Гайсин
Виль Гайсин Yıl önce
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