Restoration Tonka Mighty Cement Mixer 1985s - very rusty Tonka Toy Truck

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MW Restoration

10 aylar önce

Restoration of a Tonka concrete mixer. It was time to shoot a new Tonka Restoration video. The Tonka concrete mixer was very rusty. It was not an easy restoration project. But the result looks fantastic.
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I bought the Tonka Cement Mixer on eBay for € 15. At first glance, the Tonka truck didn't look that bad. But when all the parts were disassembled, I saw how bad the condition is. There was a thick layer of rust under the paint. You could leave the paint by hand.
The rust was removed by sandblasting. Then the parts were dented. Holes caused by the rust have been filled. The parts were then primed by the Tonka concrete mixer and then painted.
The wheels were sanded with 300-grit sandpaper. The surface was then processed with a light flame. This gives the plastic a nice black color again.
Special info:
Bought on Ebay for 15 €
Duration of restoration 18 hours
Video cut 15 hours
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Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Schmidt 5 gün önce
Cool! Amazing!
Restoration cave
Restoration cave 6 gün önce
Nice work👌👌👌👌
Mr Tio
Mr Tio 11 gün önce
HS D 23 gün önce
really a very nice restoration. where did you find the tonka turbo diesel sticker? thank you
Jeremy Dorn
Jeremy Dorn Aylar önce
Thanh Dai
Thanh Dai Aylar önce
Rob F
Rob F 2 aylar önce
Great video, just wondering were you can get the spare parts from.
Frass Suliman
Frass Suliman 3 aylar önce
Don Ritson
Don Ritson 3 aylar önce
I have this Mighty Mixer from when my kids were little and would like to try to restore it for the grandkids. Unfortunately, one of my kids liked to play with fire so he managed to melt some of the drum. Any idea how I could find a replacement drum for it? Is there some place you know of that supplies spare parts? And decals? I have searched online and cannot seem to locate a supplier, aside from buying another one to cannibalize. Of course, the decals would have to be new. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
Lex Lutthor
Lex Lutthor 3 aylar önce
Seria interessante colocar o ano de fabricação de cada brinquedo restaurado...
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar 3 aylar önce
I got home a group Odyssey Groupon America California
Wilford L. Hermann III
Wilford L. Hermann III 3 aylar önce
Just found this channel and o boy I actually know someone w/ this exact cement truck [needs restored] ...
MTLTV1765 4 aylar önce
I used to have one of those trucks.
Silvio Coelho
Silvio Coelho 4 aylar önce
Top 👋👋👋🇧🇷
King Bee
King Bee 4 aylar önce
It's really hard to keep up with all you restore guys. Ya'll do such great work. I have been thinking about trying it myself.
Bill Marcus
Bill Marcus 4 aylar önce
another great tonka piece comes back from the dead, beautiful work
Pelo Pelo
Pelo Pelo 5 aylar önce
Rusty to metal
Steve Wright
Steve Wright 5 aylar önce
Like it rolled off the showroom floor ! Outstanding work !
Peter Abrahamse
Peter Abrahamse 5 aylar önce
I love when it gets powder coated
aan cahyo
aan cahyo 5 aylar önce
One word.....amazing
Larry Nagy
Larry Nagy 5 aylar önce
Hi I was wondering where do you get the caps to hold on the wheels thanks for your time
Josué Mota
Josué Mota 6 aylar önce
Colombe Couture
Colombe Couture 6 aylar önce
Beautiful job. I bought a Tonka truck for my son in 1975, he came in for lunch and somebody took it. He had it for one day.
Andrea Cockrell
Andrea Cockrell 6 aylar önce
As Simplynailogical would say: Oh,peel porn!
Aaron Tshuva
Aaron Tshuva 6 aylar önce
И ведь приходиться смотреть от начала и до конца.
Yash Sahu
Yash Sahu 6 aylar önce
Mara. Lia. Lana
anthony anastor
anthony anastor 7 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing 👍🏻👍🏻
Rafaella Cardoso
Rafaella Cardoso 7 aylar önce
Juan Antonio Parra Ruiz
Juan Antonio Parra Ruiz 7 aylar önce
Son camiones hormigue
Juan Antonio Parra Ruiz
Juan Antonio Parra Ruiz 7 aylar önce
Estas hormigoneras de hace 35 han hecho un servicio estupendo. Yo recuerdo verlas trabajar y me quedaba hasta el final. Y después a comer.
Nio Baby
Nio Baby 2 aylar önce
Oai Nguyễn
Oai Nguyễn 7 aylar önce
Антон Трусов
Антон Трусов 8 aylar önce
"WD-40" and "Subscribe" )))))))))))
Magnet Creative
Magnet Creative 8 aylar önce
koonings1 8 aylar önce
Mon Sebastian Vilela
Mon Sebastian Vilela 8 aylar önce
What do you call that part you were showing to the camera -10:30? Great video! 👌
Fatan Fazli
Fatan Fazli 8 aylar önce
Kamu Orang Terhebat Di Bumi😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
RC McTool
RC McTool 8 aylar önce
Novus plastic polish
Everton Oliveira
Everton Oliveira 8 aylar önce
Perfeito trabalho muito caprichoso
Robert Leese
Robert Leese 8 aylar önce
Eat paint chips as a kid, son? Why yes.
Geovane pescador
Geovane pescador 8 aylar önce
Seu trabalho e top amigo , parabéns , sou do Brasil ✌️ vejo TDS seus videos
Daniel Gamboa
Daniel Gamboa 8 aylar önce
Donde consiguen los juguetes en mal estado
el calenton 100x35
el calenton 100x35 8 aylar önce
CARTEL DE SANTA 8 aylar önce
Yo tengo una Tonka de volteo dañada y con óxido me gustaría verlo restaurada
حمودي يا روحي
حمودي يا روحي 8 aylar önce
وااااو ما شااااااء الله
Dan 8 aylar önce
Turn Off Music
Alguém e do Brasil ou e só eu????
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia 8 aylar önce
From Puerto Rico. You are the best #1🙋‍♀️🤗👏👏👏👏
John Perez
John Perez 8 aylar önce
How do you sale any of rhe tonka trucks want your finished them i would love to get one from you 60s or 70s truck
Rui Bento
Rui Bento 8 aylar önce
I had this lol
Steven Klingler
Steven Klingler 8 aylar önce
So cool! What do you do now? Keep as a collector or sell it? If sold, how much?
David Monteiro
David Monteiro 8 aylar önce
Sensacional... sou fãzaço do canal... Esse é o o link do meu canal, da uma força aí;
Patrick McDowell
Patrick McDowell 8 aylar önce
i had the same one i think its has reds tripes on it
Regina Bogdán
Regina Bogdán 8 aylar önce
Szép nagyon
Khaba Australia
Khaba Australia 8 aylar önce
A set of those wheels on the 75 pick up truck
T M 8 aylar önce
I subscribe every time you ask me to but for some reason I keep on getting unsubscribed? Is this a controversial channel?
Peps72 8 aylar önce
On one side, it's good to restore old metal toys, no waste of iron and stell :) On the other side, the products to clean and restor seem super dirty as well :/
Anthony Wolfe
Anthony Wolfe 8 aylar önce
It's a concrete truck not a cement truck great job I actually have the same one I've been working on but you do a way better job than I do
Erardo Leonel Lopez Sanchez
Erardo Leonel Lopez Sanchez 8 aylar önce
Que ganan con hacer esas cosas
Arturo Mendez
Arturo Mendez 8 aylar önce
Tonka era mi carron favorito
ЧеЛовек Просто человек
ЧеЛовек Просто человек 8 aylar önce
in the USSR, I had such a toy, the author thank you for your effort
Craig Erik
Craig Erik 8 aylar önce
Are they worth more unrestored?
PP_MM MM 8 aylar önce
Loved these Tonkas as a kid! Also, are these the original Tonka colors? I'd think they'd be hard to find.
Barbie Morris
Barbie Morris 8 aylar önce
I subscribed!
게임플레이창조자 8 aylar önce
It's fun.
Jair Castillo
Jair Castillo 8 aylar önce
Hola amigo dónde te puedo enviar una tractocamion para que me lo arregles
Zanzibar2Far 8 aylar önce
How long did this stay in production, cos I had this exact model in the early 90s, along with the Mighty Dump Truck and Mighty Loader?
CASUAL OBSERVER 8 aylar önce
Concrete mixer, not cement mixer.
theodore scott
theodore scott 8 aylar önce
i owned one of these that year it was given to me great to see this one restored
Ralf Weidmann
Ralf Weidmann 8 aylar önce
How you do that? I could also implement every single move. But I could never do the whole thing. I probably lack patience. Although, as I said, I am able to do the craftsmanship, the individual handles are called. Then why can't I do it completely like you? We also like old things and these restored ones have a story, that's what makes the whole thing. Well questions after questions ... I give it a very good grade. (Google Translator)
Ralf Weidmann
Ralf Weidmann 8 aylar önce
Wie machst du das? Ich könnte jeden einzelnen Handgriff auch umsetzen. Aber das Gesamte könnte ich nie und nimmer umsetzen. Mir fehlt wahrscheinlich die Geduld. Obwohl ich wie gesagt in der Lage bin das Handwerklich zu können, soll heißen die einzelnen Griffe. Warum nur kann ich das dann nicht komplett auch so machen wie du? Wir stehen auch auf alte Sachen und diese restaurierten haben eine Geschichte, das ist es was das Ganze ausmacht. Naja Fragen über Fragen... Von mir gibt es eine sehr gute Note.
Peter i
Peter i 8 aylar önce
The spray paint was already cracking when fixing the metal fasteners back, maybe powder coating would be best. Also will that paint hold on the plastic? Wasn't their another option other than paint?
Gearhead 6971
Gearhead 6971 8 aylar önce
That is 1Great paint job by Tonka!😂😂
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 8 aylar önce
¡Wow excelente trabajo! Saludos desde México. 🙋🏻‍♂️
Marlong Brandon
Marlong Brandon 8 aylar önce
I was amazed how well that rusty truck cleaned up. Fantastic work as usual!
Steven Coates
Steven Coates 8 aylar önce
Does anyone know what those rivet like things are called that hold the tires on? I have the same truck but cant find that type anywhere. Might help if I had the proper name of them
Steven Coates
Steven Coates 8 aylar önce
@KingRatt yeah they're called top hat nut, I found them after
KingRatt 8 aylar önce
Steven Coates my question also. I'm thinking some type of press on nut?
Jay Man
Jay Man 8 aylar önce
Awesome work! Just one question tho I know you're restoring it how it was originally painted but why not powder coat it so the paint lasts longer and is tougher? Just curious.
PaperxMario 8 aylar önce
real question, how much did this project cost. and keep up the good work fam
Luke Harner
Luke Harner 4 aylar önce
I restored a dumptruck and it did not cost a thing because I used spray paint I already had and was able to put screws in place of rivets It was an amature restoration but it turned out great
Any reason you didn't treat the metal first before painting?
Kuya Bong's TV
Kuya Bong's TV 8 aylar önce
Wow!!!... Very good restoration...
Steven Brennick
Steven Brennick 8 aylar önce
The paint helped it rust better...
TheDarthMushroom 8 aylar önce
NOT an expensive restauration in paintstripper. 😂😂
Steven 8 aylar önce
I appreciate all the hard work. Enjoyed the vid.
Kenny Beacham
Kenny Beacham 8 aylar önce
Why steel brush before sandblasting?
Manuel Flores
Manuel Flores 8 aylar önce
Is there anyway you could restore my dump truck I will pay!
Random Videos
Random Videos 8 aylar önce
You need to spread a towel to do the final assembly on. It's more professional than a scratch forming at the end. Also I'm not sure if you ever done automobile painting or not, but you need an exhaust system for the paint job. Also you need proper PPE while painting. Inhaling that paint fume is very dangerous.
Steve Carleton
Steve Carleton 8 aylar önce
I had one of these as a kid, but it was a light green color, not yellow. If I recall it also had 6 wheels. Kept that thing in pristine condition, and my son played with it when we visited the grand parents.
Butterball3588 8 aylar önce
Where do you keep finding these Tonka trucks that are so heavily corroded? Keep up the good work!
Robert Young
Robert Young 8 aylar önce
well done...
hoowahfun 8 aylar önce
I have one like this, except it has a folding portion of the chute that I can't tell if it is missing from this one or if this one just never had it. I played with it a lot as a kid, and now both my boys use it in the back yard with all my other Tonka trucks :)
Johnny 8 aylar önce
I grew up with Tonka trucks but by the time my kids came along Tonka went to mostly plastic. So I never bought them. There were too many cheaper brands then that were plastic and Tonka was still the most expensive.
Albert M
Albert M 8 aylar önce
I still have one of these in good condition, no rust or fogging of glass
G - Wolf
G - Wolf 8 aylar önce
That truck must have been buried or sitting outside for a very long time. Excellent work restoring it!
Vinay Sidhu
Vinay Sidhu 8 aylar önce
You are best restoration 👍
Skoda130 8 aylar önce
This is one of the worst corroded toys I've ever seen.
Vucari 8 aylar önce
Wow i had that one, the dump truck and the crane truck when i was kid.
Matt Dougherty
Matt Dougherty 8 aylar önce
At 9:36 is a tool I have not seen before. I'm surprised you didn't use a rivet punch.
Francisco Vilmar
Francisco Vilmar 8 aylar önce
You are very careful with the work. Congratulations. From Brazil.
Qui-Gon John
Qui-Gon John 8 aylar önce
Magnificent restoration. First class workmanship. Subscribed
Teddy VanHatten
Teddy VanHatten 9 aylar önce
I have some Tonka dump truck that need restoration and was wondering if you knew somebody around my area that can fix them for me? Utica / Marcy NY
Денис Петрухин
Денис Петрухин 9 aylar önce
Показывал бы в конце как они функционируют
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