Restoration Tonka Mini Loader 1985s Toy Restoration

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10 aylar önce

Restoration of a Tonka Mini Loader that is heavily rusted. nice Tonka toy restoration project.
Again I found a nice restoration project on eBay. This time it's a little Tonka Loader. First, all parts were disassembled. All metal parts were processed with the sandblaster. Tires were washed and then heated with a gentle flame. This makes the surface nice black. Rims were painted with an extra chrome paint. The individual metal parts were filled and then powder coated. Axes were ground and polished. Finally, all components were assembled.
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Bought on Ebay for 3 €
Duration of restoration 13 hours
Video cut 14 hours
Music: Di Young - Not This Time [Bass Rebels Release]
Music provided by Bass Rebels
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Track: Rooftop Marrakech - Vendredi [Audio Library Release]
Music provided by Audio Library Plus
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Jaxson Belverud
Jaxson Belverud 11 gün önce
This is a 1970-1973 model
Tyby Restoration
Tyby Restoration Aylar önce
It's very nicely done and well done, I think you've worked on it a lot. I also have a question about where you bought those caps from the 8th minute and the one from 9:55 and then the respective clip from the 10th minute. Thank you
Ben Kranz
Ben Kranz 2 aylar önce
I have one of these that is in need of your tlc! Do you do customer restoration???
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حaggwwy2twdf1fqا ه2ffqdarsf1ر 2 aylar önce
Ruaifi Kids Toys
Ruaifi Kids Toys 7 aylar önce
Sebas G Vega
Sebas G Vega 8 aylar önce
Yellow the best color
Dm Details
Dm Details 8 aylar önce
Cool! Where do you find these old toyz
Jose Paz
Jose Paz 9 aylar önce
Tengo uno de esos.. i esta completo todavia con el volante
QuiT RoSeS
QuiT RoSeS 9 aylar önce
Restoration Show
Restoration Show 9 aylar önce
Just amaizing!
Pat McNulty
Pat McNulty 10 aylar önce
fishing swivels make excellent supports for small parts that you are painting. excellent work. P
Djaffer Mbr
Djaffer Mbr 10 aylar önce
Very good....
The Ropes of Renovation
The Ropes of Renovation 10 aylar önce
Very nice!
Garage Rest
Garage Rest 10 aylar önce
Really cool!
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips 10 aylar önce
I liked the multi image sand blasting screen.
Horace Foullier
Horace Foullier 10 aylar önce
Continue ! A french gyuy :)
يوسف الحميداوي
يوسف الحميداوي 10 aylar önce
فنان 💋💋💋💋💋💋🌹
Norma Jean Caballero
Norma Jean Caballero 10 aylar önce
Visually appealing...Always entertaining 👍😎👍 May our Blessed Lord keep you and yours Safe and Healthy 🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊
Michael Ditaranto
Michael Ditaranto 10 aylar önce
I luv that little front loader ! Very nice work
Marty Clack
Marty Clack 10 aylar önce
Nice work need print some stickers out. And put on
Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop 10 aylar önce
Great work. Really enjoy the videos. I have noticed you seem to have difficulty in figuring out what years they are. The oval Tonka decal is the secret. This website makes an excellant quick reference guide to knowing what you have. Keep up the good work!
Roomies Garage
Roomies Garage 10 aylar önce
Great job on the editing......
Jason Ritchie
Jason Ritchie 10 aylar önce
It might be time for a new dish brush. Awesome job!
Dr. Skip Kazarian
Dr. Skip Kazarian 10 aylar önce
Your restorations are very precise.....out of curiosity, do you have a professional background or are you just that meticulous? Best wishes and stay healthy.
Ottiwa 10 aylar önce
I liked the sandblasting part
Peter de KNIJFF
Peter de KNIJFF 10 aylar önce
Great Job like new
Mario Rioli
Mario Rioli 10 aylar önce
Only 45k subscribers? Damn, some day I could say I've subscribed to MW Restoration "before it was cool" )))
Kevin Creech
Kevin Creech 10 aylar önce
My 2 year old son loves watching you restore toys! Good job! I may have to try this myself for him!
John Armenta
John Armenta 10 aylar önce
Awesome video! Excellent restoration. Thanks for sharing! Just one thing, and you probably have no control over it. The video is less than 12 minutes long. TRpost interrupted it three times for commercials. 🤔
Jon Vincent
Jon Vincent 10 aylar önce
10:25 the moment when you thought shit I should have put the wheels on last lol
John Kaiser
John Kaiser 10 aylar önce
Vickie Fowler
Vickie Fowler 10 aylar önce
The perfect Tonka yellow... so many get it wrong. But, no decals??? Bummer!
Kellanium 10 aylar önce
I love your work! But the music is so distracting :( Nevertheless, thumbs up!
Tom Leech
Tom Leech 10 aylar önce
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 10 aylar önce
You didn't replace the red 'Tonka' sticker on the front.
Кошмар Кошмар
Кошмар Кошмар 10 aylar önce
Hi bro 👋👋👋 awesome restoration Tonka Loader mini 👍👍👍💣👌🏽✌🏻
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 10 aylar önce
An OUTSTANDING job!! Looks all ready to go back to work!! Keep up the good work!!
too tall
too tall 10 aylar önce
nice work, but I don't get why you filled where it will never be seen.
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 10 aylar önce
Nice shiny paint job!!
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 10 aylar önce
Some rust to contend with but I've seen castings in worse shape than this restored..
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 10 aylar önce
A solid casting with good bones..
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard 10 aylar önce
Thanks for keeping these videos going through these tough times..
AAGU YT 10 aylar önce
Genial quedo
AAGU YT 10 aylar önce
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