Restoration Toy Mercedes SL 300 - 1956s Car Burned 🔥

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MW Restoration

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Restoration Rusty Toy Mercedes SL 300 Oldtimer (AMG).
After an accident, the Mercedes SL 300 was outside for a long time. The body is very rusty and is very broken.
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Instagram: mw_restoration
Facebook: restoration007/
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=============================My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
First, I completely disassembled the Mercedes. Then the body was completely freed of rust with the sandblaster. With the Dremel, the contours of the body were ground.
Delen was hammered out. Holes were filled. When everything was prepared, the underbody was painted black. The body was painted in the original color silver. The axles were ground and then polished. As an additional future LED headlamps were installed front and rear.
Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:12 Disassembly
01:13 Proxxon
01:23 Lights, grill, remove bumper
02:58 Remove wheels
03:28 Remove the gearbox
04:56 Sandblasting
05:55 Cut metal
06:13 Car bulge body
06:33 Car body grind
08:03 Paint 2k
10:06 Grind gear clean
11:19 Assemble all parts
15:15 Completely restored Mercedes SL 300
Special info:
Bought on Ebay for 20 €
Duration of restoration 12 hours
Video cut 6 hours
Peyruis by First Class
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov 6 gün önce
Alejandro Rivera
Alejandro Rivera Aylar önce
Burned and rusted car witn new screws i dont think so.all this cars are left in salt water just to make the video.and there in nothing classic about this mercedes replica you can buy this cars anywhere.i like how you restore the cars but they're prep/fake old rusted for your videos.
Rubén León Zúñiga
Rubén León Zúñiga 2 aylar önce
How do you get cars to repair? And What scale is that car?
Beemerboy324 4 aylar önce
A 300 SL with military tires!
anthony anastor
anthony anastor 7 aylar önce
Nice job 👍🏻
Alice Wong
Alice Wong 7 aylar önce
The screws are damn new
Wayne Setter
Wayne Setter 8 aylar önce
That wasn’t burned otherwise all the plastic would ha melted.
Егор Белов
Егор Белов 8 aylar önce
Когда ты снимал накладки я сошёл с ума когда увидел что эта машинка была когда-то белой. Ей наверное лет 15. 😨
Кадыров Ильхомджон
Кадыров Ильхомджон 8 aylar önce
Такое ашушение что латышь разбираеть.
Self Restoration
Self Restoration 8 aylar önce
Good Restoration Done 👌 Thumbs up 👍 👏 👏
xRHDxtamED 8 aylar önce
Y dus this want to eat th car 😶😐😑😬🙄
Rui Bento
Rui Bento 8 aylar önce
I think kids should pay attention to this I always wanted to keep my toys new
Rui Bento
Rui Bento 8 aylar önce
I want my kid toys back I left in Portugal
Khaba Australia
Khaba Australia 8 aylar önce
Really should have painted it a bright cream or blue color
g_ the_b
g_ the_b 8 aylar önce
fake or not, but imho silver car body color with chromed bumpers, grills and badge is a poor choice. they would be better in black then
Jean Fabricio
Jean Fabricio 8 aylar önce
Hi. For the best finish on silver and chrome you must use a black primer, not white. The most dark primer the better silver you'll have.
Real_ Saucyyy
Real_ Saucyyy 8 aylar önce
infideldog13 8 aylar önce
Yet another fake restoration channel clogging up TRpost. A modern toy (galvanised Philips screws) that's clearly been treated, with some kind of peroxide solution I'd guess! If it was 'burned' the plastic would be melted, if sunburn then plastic would be yellowed and damaged. But not so much as a scratch on the windscreen. So... it has been burned... with chemicals... on purpose. Contrived faked damage of 'missing' (and miraculously replaced) headlight and wheel conveniently 'fallen off' (but miraculously not lost). Why fake it when you can just get real rusted toys? Also liked the cursory pointless burring of the boot press lines and random pretend 'straightening' and 'filling'. Fitting LED's to the lights was a genuine (the only genuine) nice touch though. Still... these types of channels are only designed to bait for comments... and well done... here's another one! 🤔🤣
yusuf ali ujjainwala
yusuf ali ujjainwala 8 aylar önce
The car was rusted but screws were brand new 😂
météo 67 4K
météo 67 4K 8 aylar önce
Cool 😘
Paul R. Screvane
Paul R. Screvane 8 aylar önce
artificially aged or not, sandblasting it always satisfying
James Collier
James Collier 8 aylar önce
Supposedly burned, yet all the plastic is intact. Get real, Beavis.
Hans David
Hans David 8 aylar önce
So many hatred in the comments for a guy who simply shares his hobby to the world. TRpost trolls are toxic.
Andres Gazso
Andres Gazso 8 aylar önce
New, inconsistent, faked rust. So you damage them first to be able to restore them later on your video.
Shawn Renaud
Shawn Renaud 8 aylar önce
This guy might be a total BS artist , but his restoration skills are indisputable. I'll still watch his videos from time to time but I've unsubscribed due to the pre-rusted projects.
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 9 aylar önce
If I was going to customize this toy, I'd have added a blackout effect behind the front grille and in the side vents. I also wish rust really formed that uniformly. If it did, my 1999 Ford Ranger would just need a good sandblasting and repainting instead of having holes eaten thru the bed.
Dustin Kane
Dustin Kane 9 aylar önce
the before had some nice patina going on
Bazuzeus 9 aylar önce
WTF with the rear emblem ????
Evghenia Tatarova
Evghenia Tatarova 9 aylar önce
Simón López
Simón López 9 aylar önce
Muy buen programa
huskyjerk 9 aylar önce
Beauty !
albert Lees
albert Lees 9 aylar önce
Next time dont prep. You almost blew it with the new screw and glass.good job
Emilio Culqui Chavez
Emilio Culqui Chavez 9 aylar önce
Que extraño todo esta oxidado y los pernos no ....🤔
Andrea Gabrielle
Andrea Gabrielle 9 aylar önce
La estrella del capot la pusiste en cualquier lado !!! Una punta hacia arriba !!!!
Andrea Gabrielle
Andrea Gabrielle 9 aylar önce
No esperaba otro color que no sea el plateado !!!!!
B. P.
B. P. 9 aylar önce
Great job, but please be more descriptive .. . For example: what solution did you use to soak the wheels? Thanks.
bent540 9 aylar önce
you put too much fake rust on
floopderpund 9 aylar önce
clickbait. nothing else.
Andres Plaza
Andres Plaza 9 aylar önce
Fake rust
QuiT RoSeS
QuiT RoSeS 9 aylar önce
Maick Jumbo
Maick Jumbo 9 aylar önce
La restauración está bien pero tienes que seguir un curso de pintura y diseño para el terminado
Chris Duncan
Chris Duncan 10 aylar önce
Powder coating would have given it a better finish. Not a great restoration but not the worst I’ve ever seen
jon andoni martinez cañizares
jon andoni martinez cañizares 10 aylar önce
Chanda Russell
Chanda Russell 10 aylar önce
What year is this toy from?
joey daniels
joey daniels 10 aylar önce
Bullsh*t period.. anyone who thinks this is a real restoration is a moron
Doroteia Martins
Doroteia Martins 11 aylar önce
Show. Parabéns.
Олег Олег
Олег Олег 11 aylar önce
Почему все ржавое, а шурупы новые! Оцинковка суперская?😁😁😁
g_ the_b
g_ the_b 8 aylar önce
нет супер фальшивка 😂
David Graves
David Graves 11 aylar önce
Do you think that the company that made this model thought that this model would have lites on it in the future ?
Enrique Lopez
Enrique Lopez 11 aylar önce
Awesome restoration, like new, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ramon ortiz
ramon ortiz 11 aylar önce
Would you tell me what spray paint would best simulate a nickel finish on an antique cast iron fire truck railing?? I greatly appreciate it!!
ridwan dwiatmadja
ridwan dwiatmadja 11 aylar önce
Mercedes Benz still the best even if only a toy but always realistic.
Sergio zxzxzxzx
Sergio zxzxzxzx 11 aylar önce
Highball 11 aylar önce
Ending was disappointing.
David Duke
David Duke 11 aylar önce
That’s excellent
Gaslands Mechanic
Gaslands Mechanic 11 aylar önce
wow another fake restoration video. How original
•ᴛʜᴇʟɪoɴᴀʀᴍoʀ• 11 aylar önce
*I ♥ MB. 💪 👏👏👏*
Gilberto Delgadillo
Gilberto Delgadillo 11 aylar önce
Budi Aprilianto
Budi Aprilianto 11 aylar önce
It said it was burned... But the glass and screww seems ok, still look like new ???
stijnVDA1994 11 aylar önce
This might be one of your best builds as of now🙂
Thomas Scholz
Thomas Scholz 7 aylar önce
It IS the best!
Mr WFH 11 aylar önce
A burned toys but the glass were intact. How fishy. I think the toys were NOT REALLY burned.
Karl Kovach
Karl Kovach 11 aylar önce
Nope.... I'm not buying this!!!!! signing off.
Karl Kovach
Karl Kovach 11 aylar önce
Screws look pretty new to me!!!!! I'm not feeling good about this.
DJ Dime
DJ Dime Yıl önce
Yeah, nothing melted. Brand New Screws. SMH. Why lie? Just say you either mess the cars up or have someone do it for you so you can restore them?
poi9990 Yıl önce
Wesley C
Wesley C Yıl önce
Good work, now you find this toy car, that’s a classic sports car.
Holger 555
Holger 555 Yıl önce
Nice but the emblem of the back side is wrong, one on the top and two on the bottom.
Just another Jeremy
Just another Jeremy Yıl önce
Do they sell that chrome effect paint in the US? Most chrome paints are crap, but that looked great!
Paul Klupacs
Paul Klupacs Yıl önce
Why am I guessing he has a whole backyard of sun baking and buried scale cars with varying weathered vintage, then restore them for a YT profit.
Wojciech Mruk
Wojciech Mruk 8 aylar önce
He found it or did it. What's the difference? He has an interesting hobby and is pretty good at it.
Paul Klupacs
Paul Klupacs 8 aylar önce
@Brickman the random person Yeah I still like the videos and and i still like the work..
Oleng Iwak 1 bab 1
Brickman the random person
Brickman the random person 8 aylar önce
Its still very impressive
Jeff Moncalieri
Jeff Moncalieri 9 aylar önce
Yes - I've noticed some of these rusty toys look like they've been soaked in salt water for a while. LOL
Eduardo Jimenes
Eduardo Jimenes Yıl önce
Pudo aver quedado mejor el Mercedes y el vídeo
Metal waves
Metal waves Yıl önce
I dont think its the builder trying to lie to us i think its utube s new guidelines
arpone zoutal
arpone zoutal Yıl önce
viva acide chlorhydrique
Graphics Spot
Graphics Spot Yıl önce
take this guy to where the titanic is located
Thai Mountain Treks
Thai Mountain Treks Yıl önce
About the film: Nice custom. About the comments: you'll wrapped too tight for TRpost 😂
Shawn Renaud
Shawn Renaud 8 aylar önce
About grammar: Stay in school.
Matt Attwell
Matt Attwell Yıl önce
Is not burned is rusty
P Cass
P Cass Yıl önce
Oh yah. Perfect screws....clear glass....nothing missing or broken. You sir have talent... this is a democrats attempt at a restoration....
NO Name
NO Name Yıl önce
Totally sweet!!!!!!
Buzz Hunt
Buzz Hunt Yıl önce
hahaha this is not restoration.. maybe you buy another toy was exactly same, and you change and installed to an old...
Bisiklet Ci
Bisiklet Ci Yıl önce
It's just an artificial aged toy car, for the purpose of doing this restoration video, because restoration videos are so popular.
Michael 9 aylar önce
@Justin Jehoshaphat that's literally what he said
Giman Lim
Giman Lim Yıl önce
screws are super clean comparing to the body..i dont think this is real 1950's toy
Jorge Wemyss
Jorge Wemyss Yıl önce
fake, fake, fake as f.. ake
Bill23799 Yıl önce
Would have been funnier if at beginning of video after the big Fanfare you open the fancy Plastic Container and it's your Lunch Box
Lucio Rota
Lucio Rota Yıl önce
It is not burned. If it were burned, there would be the windows plastic melted. The job is good ;).
Tornike Kipiani
Tornike Kipiani Yıl önce
Whole car is rusted but screws are new right?
Kevin Thurbon
Kevin Thurbon Yıl önce
Great restoration & modification with the LED lights.
Kenneth Kingery
Kenneth Kingery Yıl önce
Easy Restore Project.
Jean Charbonneau
Jean Charbonneau Yıl önce
What is the point of restoring something artificially aged
avenger007007 11 aylar önce
Don't it stop being a restor and become a modification video once you start cutting holes in the item. As in 5:57.
Jhan S
Jhan S Yıl önce
For the views of course...
Michael Olsen
Michael Olsen Yıl önce
Superfine 👍👍 Restoration. video 👍👍 💖💖💖💖💖
Alexandre Peres
Alexandre Peres Yıl önce
Com todo o respeito, restauração fraca. Uma jóia antiga como essa merecia um profissional no restauro de miniaturas. Imperdoável o restaurador não ter feito os amassados da carroceria. Falo por que sou restaurador aqui no Brasil, de qualquer maneira parabéns pela iniciativa de publicar o trabalho.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Yıl önce
TRpost is rife with fake restoration videos, this is one of them. Even distribution of rust, clean plastic and shiny screws. The paint has been stripped prior and some chemical added to accelerate rust or just left outside.
Arnaud a7x
Arnaud a7x 8 aylar önce
@justanoonesomeone Rescue and Restore channel.
justanoonesomeone 8 aylar önce
anyone you know who does proper, not fake restorations?
KING LEONIDAS 9 aylar önce
Glad somebody called him out
Trent Johnson
Trent Johnson 11 aylar önce
Chris Smith It doesn’t matter he made something that looked bad and made it look nice. Of coarse it may be like that but it’s content and it’s not click bait either
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II Yıl önce
Awesome restoration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Reyna
Bill Reyna Yıl önce
I had to check to see if a electrical wiring was present. Good add.
João Sobrinho
João Sobrinho Yıl önce
Não sei não em, sinto cheiro de fake
Tim Queen
Tim Queen Yıl önce
Seriously it is so frustrating to watch you unscrew and disassemble with this slow motion drama antics that you have just get on with it and just video the restoration. If your a Video photographer then go to Hollywood and get a job if you’re in restoration then do that but this crap that you do is so frustrating to watch.
Bowser _2k
Bowser _2k Yıl önce
Great work
Jerry Bailey
Jerry Bailey Yıl önce
Fantastic restoration, really nicely done 👍
Jean Peeters
Jean Peeters Yıl önce
is this a joke, you ruined the toy man :(
Grow For Less
Grow For Less Yıl önce
@Potato #1 that's what I said... If you're going to try to be a troll, you should probably try a lot harder.
Grow For Less
Grow For Less Yıl önce
Says the guy with no videos and no followers...
Rully Wijayakusuma
Rully Wijayakusuma Yıl önce
Was it really a burned toy? With new screws? And no melt plastic parts?
Karla Valencia
Karla Valencia 3 aylar önce
Then it must have bin burning for about 2 seconds,lol
netoluna1 9 aylar önce
I think the same
Diddy D
Diddy D 11 aylar önce
I think he left it out in the rain
DocWolph 11 aylar önce
sun burned over many decades.
imran khalifa
imran khalifa Yıl önce
man...its ninja technique
Troy Adamson
Troy Adamson Yıl önce
Ain't nothing but click bait. Another total sham. New screws, axles spotless, plastic not melted. Do you actually think that people fall for this bullshit?
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