Vintage Air Compressor Restoration 1950 German 🔷 Extremly Rusty and Dirty 🔧

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MW Restoration

Yıl önce

Vintage Air Compressor Restoration 1950 German 🔷 Extremly Rusty and Dirty
My Tool 🔧
Ratcheting Wrench:
Hammer Drill:
Circular Saw:
Hello guys!
In this video I attempt to make a total and full restoration of an old and dirty air compressor built in the 50's. I bought it from a carpenter for 25 Euros who also used to paint many components. This machine was completely dirty. Rust and Mud causing loss of pressure and overall bad performance. Since this compressor looks very unique and really beautiful, I decided to buy it at once. Took me like 10 days to fully restore this masterpiece of engineering. I made a thorough cleaning, removing all the Dust, Mud from Pipes, Valves, Dents fixed, Cracks and Breaches all sealed and the old Paint has been sanded all away. Once clean to the tightest corner I applied new high quality paint made by Hammerite. Now after 70 years it looks just as new in mint condition, manufactured by german engineering.
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Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:55 Disassembly
07:06 Clean the cylinders
07:51 Paint removal
09:02 Sanding
12:49 Dismantle the engine
15:40 Preview of all components
15:59 Painitng
16:59 Reassembly
24:00 Completely restored compressor
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Jean-Yves Gervais
Jean-Yves Gervais Aylar önce
Une autre job de peinture il n'as meme pas verifier les bearing du crank
Killian Fisher
Killian Fisher 4 aylar önce
those buffing wheels have seen a lot of shxt
Pink Soldier2009
Pink Soldier2009 5 aylar önce
Very nice but the music is really annoying
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 6 aylar önce
No music and don't put the finished job in your thumb nail!
Joao Resende
Joao Resende 6 aylar önce
Ah fico o dia todo assistindo a retifica de máquina, fico.impressionado . Show
anthony anastor
anthony anastor 7 aylar önce
Wow amazing job as always keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻
Ebe Ebe
Ebe Ebe 7 aylar önce
Very clean nice 👍 job you did
Gilberto Menezes
Gilberto Menezes 8 aylar önce
Muito legal..boa qualidade.
verder bril
verder bril 8 aylar önce
Disgusting that sound of paintstripper leaving the can! But thumbs up for video! ;)
Deref Auki
Deref Auki 8 aylar önce
Pink Soldier2009
Pink Soldier2009 8 aylar önce
Too bad you added music though 😭😭
Dazzle Mcinlee
Dazzle Mcinlee 8 aylar önce
Cang believe people still restore this, I feel bad cause if it was me Id just throw the whole damn thing away
Hi Elvira
Hi Elvira 8 aylar önce
как я сюда попал
BrazilLady 8 aylar önce
Crikey, I like the music.
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 8 aylar önce
So pretty I would place it on a pedestal in the family room as a conversation piece. Yes, I have a huge family room, lol.
syed shoeb
syed shoeb 9 aylar önce
Now he can do spray paint with this air Compressor
Nick forgie
Nick forgie 9 aylar önce
huskyjerk 9 aylar önce
Spectacular ! Nicely done.
Fritz Pumpelmus
Fritz Pumpelmus 9 aylar önce
Wenn ich das sehe wie er mit dem Hammer auf der Welle rumhaut!
john howard
john howard 9 aylar önce
5 star what a job nice one
TheDrJ2006 9 aylar önce
I have a really old air compressor when I moved into my new house. I tested it on 4/5/20 (today)
360S0D 9 aylar önce
Nice job, very clean, done right.
Tatiane #Mae de casal
Tatiane #Mae de casal 9 aylar önce
Michelle McKnight
Michelle McKnight 9 aylar önce
loose the music and it'd be an excellent video
Muhammad Nabeel
Muhammad Nabeel 9 aylar önce
You should clean with sandblasting machine
Crux Interfacing Solutions
Crux Interfacing Solutions 10 aylar önce
I've seen your other videos as well as this one, we will be at SEMA Thank you for the content
Felino Felin
Felino Felin 11 aylar önce
Warning:gore content ahead
Tommy Armour
Tommy Armour Yıl önce
Thanks for the video, Great Work!! I'm on a kick watching all these restoration videos. I wish you guys would show the products your using during the restoration.
sefa mayuk
sefa mayuk Yıl önce
hello friends 256 subscribers can you help me to become 1000
Jake Kelch
Jake Kelch Yıl önce
this is my jam
eddie ed
eddie ed Yıl önce
I wonder if a small sand blaster with walnut shells media would work.
Clark Lindquist
Clark Lindquist Yıl önce
Agree with the comments about the music..... Otherwise a great video
Resi Nao
Resi Nao Yıl önce
No Music Please!
Gazza Yıl önce
Nice job n all but it was,nt really rusty at all was it now !!!!
negative nancy
negative nancy Yıl önce
Cliff Collins
Cliff Collins Yıl önce
Nice clean and paint job though, not a restoration
Cliff Collins
Cliff Collins Yıl önce
Did you find the 3 balance weights didn't see them restored
Zockverbot Yıl önce
Schade das du Kupfer und messingteile lackiert hast :/
Golden Hands
Golden Hands Yıl önce
Wonder full Restoration
Tuna on White, No Crusts
Tuna on White, No Crusts Yıl önce
Fantastic restoration! My one suggestion would be to polish and clear coat the copper, not paint it.
Christian Rothe
Christian Rothe Yıl önce
The sound of your work is enough noise. Please no more of this annoying music. But the work you did is just amazing!! How long did you work on this project? At least a week or even more . . .By the way, when you start the restoration in the video it says "Let's Beginning" next time just "let's be gin"
James Poteat
James Poteat Yıl önce
The beauty of something NOT made in China.
James Poteat
James Poteat Yıl önce
You need a parts washer
Keith Perry
Keith Perry Yıl önce
Awesome restore.👍
Pro. Logic
Pro. Logic Yıl önce
Thank You so very Much for this very good video and Super Great! attention you gave to all the parts of said compressor so it can now get back to work doing what it was made to do.
chuck barth
chuck barth Yıl önce
nice work, but leave the music off.
yeagerxp Yıl önce
Very good restoration 👍👍👍Thanks for sharing. I have to admit I resisted google recommendation but I gave in. That is a beautifully engineered machine. No rust in the motor
Jack P Shannon Sr.
Jack P Shannon Sr. Yıl önce
Bah, I can do that.. NOTT. !!!
Alejo Simon
Alejo Simon Yıl önce
use oil for build the piston+rings+etc !!!!!!!!!!
Alejo Simon
Alejo Simon Yıl önce
wd40 is your friend! :D
Willie Essmann
Willie Essmann Yıl önce
Beautifully Done!! You put a lot of effort into this job, therefore it is strange that you did not check the bearings on the compressor and motor. After all, this is a 1950 compressor.
Lottie Lashley
Lottie Lashley Yıl önce
Hey, I work for Brave Bison, we’re a social video company. We love your channel!!! We'd like to discuss a collaboration! 😄 If you’re interested you can reach out to us at:
Victor Concepcion
Victor Concepcion Yıl önce
I like that you made sure to put teflon and sealant in the proper places.. Excellent work..these machine you keep or you put them up for sale ???
WinCrash91 Yıl önce
What is that blue paste?
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston Yıl önce
Nothing wrong with the music. I like it.
lesdmark Yıl önce
Music was THE thing for videos like this a few years ago. Now, not so much people seem to prefer the speed up sounds of whatever it is your doing. Intro and Outro music is fine though.
maggots 666
maggots 666 Yıl önce
You ’ve done a very big job. How long did it take to repair? I want to know
If I bought one of these German make compressors it would last forever anything that made for German is good quality last for long time
Edg Quin
Edg Quin Yıl önce
Eres un crack para las restauraciones. Saludos desde El. Salvador
Paul Smallriver
Paul Smallriver Yıl önce
Complainers are sure to restore a similar machine eh?
mark jeffels
mark jeffels Yıl önce
Beautiful job!!
benjamin corleone
benjamin corleone Yıl önce
beautiful restoration geez, little tip, if you use a bit of tape on the jaws of your spanners you wont mess up the brand new paint job. just seems odd when you have put all that hard work and effort into it.
raptors316 Yıl önce
Excellent restore, thanks for sharing.
President-Elect Godfrey Poon
President-Elect Godfrey Poon Yıl önce
Spastic music.
Blue glue is not intended for head sealer.
Beetlejuice 01
Beetlejuice 01 Yıl önce
Lots of restoration videos but not a sandblaster in sight. Its so easy to make a sandblast Cabinet and cheaply.
dashaB0553 Yıl önce
Areal credit to you, great video including the music
Thierry Gillon
Thierry Gillon Yıl önce
Great Work !!
Adam Duerr
Adam Duerr Yıl önce
I stopped watching after 2 minutes because the music bothered me so much. Too bad.
Bojidar Vasilev
Bojidar Vasilev Yıl önce
The music make me nervous
David Johnson
David Johnson Yıl önce
Howcome no bearings replaced? Surely with a job looking like this with a lot of work and effort, you'd put new bearings in the motor and the crankshaft. The music wasn't too bad for me, I'd prefer without but at least it was low level, almost like background music for you while you worked. Where did the big capacitor go? Saw it come off, and not there after. Maybe explaining that might be a good idea? Nice looking job though. Well done.
Marti4161 Yıl önce
Excellent restore!
Simon Yıl önce
26:12.. bolt doesn't look like its been tightened properly... Could been an illusion though? Great restoration!
Jacques Carrier
Jacques Carrier Yıl önce
Stop the background music, please......or ZEN music, but not a video game music...disturbing..nice work...cut the music...
Kamil Dryjski
Kamil Dryjski Yıl önce
The music was annoying and if the air tank is rusty inside it's a time bomb
Mr Man
Mr Man Yıl önce
We hate the music!
Theodore Killmeyer
Theodore Killmeyer Yıl önce
Very Nice restoration... too bad you didn't replace the bearings.... they may be ok now but they can't have that many more years of life left.
Drakey Fenix
Drakey Fenix Yıl önce
You really make use of your power drill and angle grinder lol. You need more tools! A parts washer and sand blaster would go a long way!
Scott K
Scott K Yıl önce
Can do without the porno music...
Alexpmgr8 K3
Alexpmgr8 K3 Yıl önce
Beautiful !!! I think i am going to get me one of these for my dining room !!!
A McConnell
A McConnell Yıl önce
A lot of work - a bit too much, in my opinion. :) Remove the neglect - clean the shop grime, degrease, remove the rust. Take care of the wear and tear - gaskets and filters, repair the damage. But if the paint is 95%, as in this case then just clear coat it and keep the patina and it's history. All that new paint hurts my eyes a bit.
derek wilkinson
derek wilkinson Yıl önce
You made a fine job of that restoration. It looks fantastic.
Roger Laubhan
Roger Laubhan Yıl önce
This was a paint job only. Didn't replace bearings, what about lubrication?
derek wilkinson
derek wilkinson Yıl önce
What you call a paint job only required a hell of a lot of preparation. There was no half measures, he did a great job.
Dale D
Dale D Yıl önce
Awesome and then some.
Samu Galera
Samu Galera Yıl önce
No me gusto mucho detalles que no gustaron lo principal no cambiaste los rodamientos nn
JarasPMI Yıl önce
Why did you paint the copper elements?
Daryl Sprague
Daryl Sprague Yıl önce
you never put back the capacitor bracket
Brad Wells
Brad Wells Yıl önce
Awesome job did you clean inside air tank I seen a person putting sanding stones inside an hook it up to a lay then put epoxy on the inside
Gabriel Fuentes
Gabriel Fuentes Yıl önce
Is this some kind of Deja Vu?. I`ve already watched this video in the past.
Drakey Fenix
Drakey Fenix Yıl önce
I have also seen this myself. I feel like maybe he uploaded it before but then removed it and reuploaded it
JanJanson84 Yıl önce
I wouldn't have painted screw parts. As you might noticed, the paint will be damaged when using any kind of wrench. Nevertheless I liked everything else ;)
Ewald Ikemann
Ewald Ikemann Yıl önce
You forgot the bolt for the pulley at the motor...
Gib76 4BRN
Gib76 4BRN Yıl önce
Super video
Milan Radak
Milan Radak Yıl önce
Beautiful restoration. Wish I had one like that. Thanks for the video
mediarolf Yıl önce
Absolutely big achievement !!! Thumbs up!
onefortexas Yıl önce
Great restoration video and I like the colors.
Emilio Spider
Emilio Spider Yıl önce
CrossGrain Wood Products,LTD
CrossGrain Wood Products,LTD Yıl önce
I agree with many of your other viewers in that you did a great job on the restoration - cleaning, but as a restorer of antique tools and vehicles, a true restoration is using as much original as possible and that paint job looks awful. Sorry, but you decreased the value by at least a third to half- if you were planning to sell it. If it goes into your own shop, well that's your preference.
Based Jason
Based Jason Yıl önce
Dude, turn the music off. Look at the big resto channels, no music. None of us want to hear it.
HouseGurke Yıl önce
Music and restoration videos don't belong together.
Jim Zucker
Jim Zucker Yıl önce
nice job! but you could have kept the original color. it would have been much nicer
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